Selling car to junkyard without title? (ANSWERED)

Selling car to junkyard without title
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Tired of push-starting your car or getting it fixed every so often? Or you need that garage space being occupied now by your old heap? Then, perhaps, it would be more financially sound to make money out of your car than let it gather dust.

You may ask the help of a junkyard or scrap yard to take care of the stressful work involved in the process, or do it yourself (the DIY way) – dismantle the car, sell its upholstery and motor parts, and scrap the metal for cash.

Since this is definitely a DMV matter, the regulations for disposing a junk car depend on the state you’re in – some states may allow it and some will not allow it. If allowed, requirements may vary from one junkyard to another. So, you’ll need to check around before you can answer this question: Can I junk a car without a title?

Also, keep in mind the time and tools required for this kind of project, along with the potential payout. Time is a commodity that you have a finite amount of, and if you don’t have the tools like sockets, pneumatic air hammers to quickly break things, and pneumatic ratchets for dismantling, the job may be all but impossible.

Generally, a title hastens the disposal and sale to junkyards of your old car, but it doesn’t mean that you will be successful in junking a car without a title.

In the absence of the title, other requirements will be needed — the same may be true if you choose to donate your vehicle. Here are some options and useful tips to help you go through the entire process.

Shop around for junkyards

Many junkyards will flatly say no to buying junk vehicles without a title. They require the title to ensure that the car rightfully belongs to the seller and that it’s not hot or stolen.

In states where selling cars or any type of vehicles without titles is allowed, check out the regulations. Information about state regulations will give you leverage when negotiating with junkyard people.

Start shopping around through the yellow pages for local junkyards nearest your place and list down numbers before making the calls.

Be ready with information and details about the car you’re selling.

They’ll want to know why the car is in your possession, whether it was given to you but the previous owner didn’t provide papers or it was abandoned in your property.

There are other considerations or preferences, too, that you need to thresh out and agree with the junkyard.

Will the company prefer dismantling the junk vehicle by themselves, or will it offer a much higher price if you do it by yourself? Should you discard the seats, tires, dashboard, and other non-metal materials, or will they deal with that, too?

Once they’re fully satisfied with the validation and appraisal, the rest of the paperwork will be facilitated by the company and, presto, you get your junk’s worth in money.

If you’re unable to find a junkyard willing to accept your vehicle, your next best option is this.

Ask questions

Make notes on the following aspects so you don’t forget important points:

Be ready for questions, such as, type and model of car, year acquired, mode of acquisition, whether the vehicle is running or not, which parts are damaged, among the usual questions. These are needed for tentative valuation.

Ask what your car is worth. While you shop for junkyards willing to take in your pile of a car, write down their price quotation. You’ll need this when making the final decision.

How long will it take the junkyard to get to your place for the towing? Will they charge anything for pickup? You don’t want hidden costs, so ask these things outright.

Make sure you disclose the information that you don’t have the title as early as possible. You don’t want any misunderstanding during the initial call.

Ask when you will be paid. Will it be upon pickup, or will it be in tranches or in full.

Ask exactly what documents will be asked upon pick up. A vehicle abandoned within your place may require a police report and additional paperwork.

Ask whether a receipt will be issued by the towing team. If not, request for it.

Selling a car without a title may entail additional requirements, but it’s not impossible as long as you have the right tools or know where to buy them. Junkyards are the easiest way to go, especially if you don’t have the time or the expertise to DIY the whole thing.

Search for ‘cash-for-junk-cars’ over the internet

If you don’t find willing junkyards in your neighborhood, expand your search through the internet.

Many of these companies are found in the net; many of them will also have salvage partners and junkyards around the country. A title will be the first thing they’ll look for.

When it cannot be provided, your car’s registration and driver’s license will be required. Appraisal is often done by a valuation specialist over the phone, and you get a tentative idea of how much they’d pay you for your junk. Validation and final valuation is usually made upon pick up or towing.

I hope this helps with selling car to junkyard without title.

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