I Need 500 Dollars Fast – Like in One Day

i need 500 dollars nowReader question: Hi! I need 500 dollars fast. Tomorrow my rent is due, and I can’t pay it. I don’t know what to do. I know money doesn’t grow on trees but this is an emergency right now. Are those how to get $500 instantly online with an app any good?

Let’s look at a few extra ideas about how to get 500 dollars in one day.

Make $500 dollars fast as a bounty hunter

With Facebook’s Bug Bounty, that is. Facebook offers substantial cash rewards to anybody who could spot or identify a flaw or bug in their security system.

This is the network’s measure to preserve the integrity and privacy of Facebook user-provided information. At any time you uncover a flaw you simply report the breach to them and start raking in cash rewards.

Since its launching, the company has paid well over a million dollars in bounties, thus far and still counting. You too can qualify for a reward by satisfying the following terms and conditions:

You should be the first one to submit or report such precise and detailed flaw or bug.
The flaw or bug should be critical enough as to ‘compromise the integrity or privacy of Facebook user data’.

Check out their fine print for the details. From what I gleamed, you should not be living in a country that is under any US sanctions, like Libya, North Korea, Iran, or Cuba, otherwise you won’t qualify. Last but not least, strict adherence to Facebook’s Responsible Disclosure Policy is a must.

Should you meet these criteria, you would not just be making a few bucks quick, but also helping secure the most popular social network in the worldwide web. Good luck on your hunt!

Sell stuff to get $500 in an hour

picture of 500 dollars
Picture of 500 dollars. Five 100 dollar bills.

Look around you. It is highly probable that your home is over-stuffed and spilling to the brim with valuable but not-often-used items.

In times of need, you may want to divest yourself of these “treasures”. Think of it as allowing yourself and your home some breathing space and a way to sell stuff for a quick $500.

Sell your antiques, travel souvenirs, chandeliers and ornaments, memorabilia, jewelry, clothes, porcelains, instruments, gadgets, and what-have-you. The traditional way was to do a yard sale; that’s still an option. It does occupy a lot of space and eat a huge chunk of your time.

The best way today is to sell your wares online. Try eBay for your rare and branded items, Craigslist for large furniture and appliances, 99 Designs for your artwork, Etsy for your handicrafts, Car Daddy for your outmoded car, and Amazon for books and practically everything.

And did you know that Facebook is also a haven for business-minded people? There’s a lot of selling going on there, too.

Work online to make $500 quick

There’s not often a quick $500 gig found online, but you can always explore the possibility. The work is limitless – writing articles, doing tutorials, filling up forms, typing, subtitling movies, making reports, bookkeeping, translating, transcription, rewriting, answer surveys, and there’s even a job posted to play games for a person who needs to take time off from games and go on vacation.

Teach others and make a quick $500 dollars

Teach other people what you know best. Whether you do this online or face-to-face, the thing is to impart something to someone. Teach how to cook tapas, how to do taxes, or how to start a tutorial business. You can’t always hog all your talents. Share them and earn extra cash on the side.

Do dog-sitting jobs

If you have the facilities, dog-sitting can give you quick bucks. Dogvacay.com says that rates start at $25 per dog per night. Rover.com is another good option.

Four dogs can easily fetch — no pun intended — you $100 a night, which is not bad for dog-lovers out there. If you would have started five days ago, you’d have $500 right now in your pocket!

Rent a home or a room

This one’s really big, depending on the facilities and accommodations your home holds. Open your house to travelers, and link with businesses such as Airbnb.com. $500 is a small sum for a nice and comfy room.

There are a lot of fast-dollar ideas out there. But they need you to flex your muscles and do some real work without need of getting a real job. On second thought, why don’t you get a real job? That sure will get you your $500 fast and more. Go, scour the job ads and get a job! There is no such thing in this world as a free ride.

Borrowing $500 dollars on a cash app

If you have family and friends, you should consider asking if they would lend you a few extra hundred dollars for rent money as a personal loan. You would need to pay them back, but this can be a lot better than using another lender.

Online lending is fast becoming a trend especially to those individuals in dire need of extra cash quick. Immediate loans, such as a 500-dollar loan with bad or insufficient credit, are now offered as long as you have a regular income from work or through a business.

Lenders, other than regular banks, extend these loans for emergency purposes too, like hospitalization, car accidents, or house repair and many more.

The loaning process is fast and easy. Once you’ve filled up an online form and presented proof of income, such as pay slips, utility bills, or a bank record, it should not take long for a lender to transfer the cash right away – several lenders now offer ‘same-day approval’ of loans for emergency situations.

Disclaimer: This isn’t always a good way to get 500 dollars. The fees covering interest, other charges, and penalties can be quite high, which is understandable considering the risks that the lenders expose themselves to.

Check with the State Department of Financial Institutions if the lender is a legally-registered entity and not just a scammer waiting for unsuspecting victims. Also, payday and personal loans are a vicious cycle that you should avoid if you can.

I hope that answers the question. “I need 500 dollars fast.”

Originally posted 2023-01-06 14:42:31.