Honda Valkyrie Bobber Rough Beginnings and Graceful Endings (Part 2)

honda valkyrie bobber 000
Honda Valkyrie bobber

I sold my Honda Valkyrie bobber. I did a fair amount of work to it. I put an OEM exhaust on it and cut the piggies, which changed the exhaust tone nicely.

I changed fluids, including rear differential, oil, brake, clutch. Finished off the the rear fender with an 2000 Honda Valkyrie Interstate cover for the tail-light and made the after market tail-light and turn signals look like they should be there. I, also, put new NGK spark plugs in it.

It ran great. Better than expected for a 22 year old, 6 cylinder, 6 carburetor motorcycle.

The Valkyrie was a big bike, though. And it was a Honda. Honda’s great for reliability but it’s no Harley. I like that big twin sound.

I learned that if I wanted a big bike, I want a Harley, specifically a Fat Boy or a more recent Fat Bob. A Honda won’t cut it for me.

I like the Valkyrie’s sound and power. There is nothing like it.

There were tons of folks who’d give me the thumbs up or say “Hey, nice bike at stoplights and gas stations.” The attention was great. And the purple and white paint scheme on the “97 was awesome.

But I sold it to a Polish guy who said he’d ship it back to Poland and add to his collection of motorcycles. Good for him.

I am on to new projects. Those include a couple John Deere 112 and 210 garden tractors — one for snow removal, one for mowing, and one for parts. I, also, picked up a Suzuki GS250T, which needs a front brake caliper rebuild, battery, and a carb rebuild.

Despite the Honda Valkyrie bobber being gone, look for more projects on this website.

Originally posted 2023-01-06 18:28:31.