Christmas Help for Low Income Families in 2023

christmas help for low income families in need
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If you need financial assistance this holiday season, there are options available to you. To get Christmas help for low income families in 2023, there are national and local agencies offer free grants or programs that help put free toys under the tree. These charities will help you make Christmas for your children joyful, memorable time.

I will list resources and charities I know about in this article that offer gifts, presents, clothes, and food, then offer info about them later in the article. This should help low income needy families avoid getting into debt with buy now pay later items or credit cards or using a payday loan — both not good ideas during the holidays.

As with anything, it’s best to start any agency application processes early or talk to those in your community long before the holidays.

Where to get help

  • Food banks
  • Local churches and community organizations
  • Selling items on ebay craigslist
  • Family Giving Tree
  • Salvation Army
  • Christmas Spirit Foundation
  • Toys for Tots
  • My Brothers Keeper
  • Operation Santa
  • Wish Upon a Hero

(Note: this is not a comprehensive list. The list is of locations I have heard of or learned about over the last few years. There may be more; there may be less.)

Assess your finances first

Before buying any gifts or talking to any charities, take stock of all your money and resources. If you are in a financial hardship and qualify, consider using a food bank.

A food bank can help reduce your monthly expenses. Getting money for food can help free up money for holiday gifts.

You do need to make sure your finances are in good shape, though, before you make any purchases because there are other options, which we’ll list below.

While you are at the food back, consider asking them if there are any local organizations near you that offer toy assistance for Christmas.

Holiday assistance for needy low income families

Speaking of local agencies, churches and community development centers are more options. If you are a regular member of the congregation, you might be able to talk to your pastor and explain that you are experiencing financial despair or hardship.

The pastor may have a small slush fund of money that is available for emergencies. The pastor may also mention to the congregation that you need financial assistance, and they may be willing to offer toy assistance for Christmas.

Christmas help for needy families

I will mention that giving your kids the best Christmas may require you to take on a second job or even selling stuff on eBay or Craigslist.

If you want to pick up extra cash and are not afraid to work, you may consider the “gigs” section on Craigslist. As I’ve mentioned before, it contains people in “need” of something. You just have to have a solution to their need — whether it be mowing lawns, shucking snow, or …

Selling items you don’t use can help you when you are in need of money for presents and gifts. This will eliminate you from going into debt and spending money when you may not be able to afford it.

Family Giving Tree

Although these are good ideas, charities such as Family Giving Tree may benefit you. This non-profit organization presents gifts and toys for children in needy low income families for Christmas.

Salvation Army

Salvation Army volunteers ring bells while standing next to a red kettle. That kettle is a hallmark for this charity

The donations provide financial assistance for those who need money, including assistance for Christmas dinners and toys for needy families.

Christmas Spirit Foundation

They mainly provide Christmas assistance for military families, but it doesn’t hurt to try contacting them to see if they could offer any funding.

Operation Santa/Letters to Santa

The US Post Office has a Letters to Santa/Operation Santa project, which has your children write a letter to the Santa. The letter is then kept at a local post office, and an employee or a community member will adopt the letter, providing the letter-writer with a gift or present during the holiday.

Wish Upon a Hero

This non profit organization offers more than most Christmas charities for children. It presents basic, living, health care, pet, service, and educational needs for needy families. To get help with financial assistance, apply early.

Toys for Tots

I’m very familiar with the Toys for Tots program. The company I use to work for handled the distribution and administrative work for this program for low income families with kids who need free toys for Christmas. I also volunteered to help distribute the toys.

This program allows you to request a toy for you son or daughter during the holidays. The toys and money are donated, with the distribution done by volunteers.

There are restrictions, but you should apply early.

As you can see, Christmas help for low income families in 2023 in need is available. I hope the information provided helps you have a great holiday season.

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