Best low profile floor jack for lowered cars: What to look for when buying one

best aluminum floor jack
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The best low profile floor jack for lowered cars is an important purchase for your garage or home shop.

Performance and safety are the two most critical elements to consider when searching for a jack.

Perhaps you have a budget to follow because of the Misses. Or, maybe cash isn’t even an issue but lifespan is. Whatever factors impact your choices, we’ve got you secured.

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What to consider when buying a low pro floor jack

There are multiple factors that you have to make when you shop for an aluminum floor jack. There are certain aspects that must never be overlooked to ensure that you have made an informed purchase.

Type of vehicles being lifted

Different types of vehicles have several specifications when it comes to the types of jack best suited for them. Consideration is made depending on the amount of ground clearance that you may need for your car.

Jack point levels differ with the type of vehicles in question. For instance, saloon cars and sports cars require a lower level of ground clearance as opposed to trucks, lorries, and SUVs.

Weight of the vehicle

All jacks have a stipulated certain maximum weight capacity it can handle. The capacity is usually denoted in tones on the jack or the manual.

You must be meticulous about making sure the maximum capacity of the jack you want to buy goes beyond the amount of weight you intend to lift with it. It is important to note that a jack will never be able to support a hundred percent of the weight of your vehicle.

Most middle sized cars are well supported by two-tone jacks while heavier trucks and SUVs may take up three-tone jack. You may have to use a greater jack than this if you say that your vehicle is too heavy.

Build quality

The purchase of cheap tools ultimately turns expensive. It is advisable that you should by a high quality, long-term flat floor jack that will cost you less rather than a cheap one of inferior quality that will subject you to many repairs cost and eventually opting to purchase another jack. Find a good place to buy quality tools.

When you compare the total cumulative cost, you will discover that it would have been prudent to buy a quality product. To identify a jack with superior qualities, you may pull it out of its packaging and examine it with your bare hands.

The quality of finish is often an indicator of material quality. If the paint is shoddily piled on to every part indiscriminately with an overspray that is visible, a manufacturer might be trying to hide inferior quality metal.

In contrast, a quality jack, such as my Larin floor jack, will have nicely coated sections with a neat finish. It will also be heavy and will operate smoothly without squeaks.

For those who would like to order one online, it is advisable that you read aluminum floor jack reviews of the product made by other buyers. It will come in handy in knowing whether the product is of quality.

Lifting range

Every floor jack has a different least possible height and lifting range. If you need to lift your vehicle a sizeable distance off the ground, you will need a jack with a high lifting range such as the bottle jack.

Similarly, your lifting points may be high due to large tires or a lift kit on your vehicle, then you should consider purchasing the jack with a high lifting range.

Lifting speed

The standard jack takes in between eight to ten strokes of the elevation bar. If it is your desire that your floor jack reaches full-high in three to six strokes, then you should purchase a jack that has dual lifting pistons or a quick lift system.

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