Best Grain Bin Paint: Galvanized Metal Paint for Barn Roofs and Pipe Fences

best grain bin paint
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The best grain bin paint will last years and may be used on a metal barn roof, rusty pipe fence, or a Quonset hut. Top concern: The paint needs to be designed for galvanized metal.

Good paint for grain bins, metal roofs, or pipe fences

Rust-Oleum 8781502 Stops Rust Aluminum Flat Primer, 32 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
  • Weather and corrosion resistant primer bonds tightly to exterior/interior surfaces and specially formulated for aluminum galvanized metal
  • Water-based acrylic formula provides a durable protective coating with excellent rust prevention
  • Dries to touch in 1-2 hours and covers up to 55-90 sq. ft.
  • Primer provides a base for excellent adhesion and withstands demanding, heavy-use environments
  • Creates a flat gray finish that can be covered with wide variety of topcoats

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Crown 7007G Metallic Gray MIL-P-46105(MR), MIL-P-21035B, AND DOD-P-21035A, ASTM B-117 Cold Galvanize Coating, 1 gallon
  • 93 percent pure zinc in a dry film
  • Light gray, matte finish, Outstanding weld-through primer
  • Zinc sacrifices itself to protect the base metal surface
  • Provides protection equal to or better than hot-dipped galvanizing
  • Flash point: 38.89 degrees_celsius

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Galvanized grain bins may be difficult to paint unless the galvanized metal has been etched or been primed for paint.

Tips for buying the best metal barn roof paint

Check the paint’s durability

The most crucial factor to look for in exterior paint is its durability. You don’t want to end up with paint that comes off after one extreme weather. A good paint should last five to ten years.

Most manufacturers accredit durability to their product even when it’s untrue. To determine an exterior paint’s durability, check the label for the following key factors:

One coat coverage

Multiple layered exterior paints could result in uneven finishes and durability issues. One coat coverage.

Mold and mildew resistance

This feature protects the paint from moisture and heat. The two elements can give rise to mold and mildew, which will seriously damage your paint.

UV protection

This property protects the paint from the sun’s UV rays.

Fade resistance

Typically, exterior paints with primer and UV protection cover any fade issues. However, if your exterior paint of choice doesn’t feature the two qualities, check out for fade resistance mentions on the label.

Consider buying an exterior paint that features all the above qualities.

Select different paint shades

An exterior scheme is typically divided into three major parts.

A field color: The primary color of a grain bin’s exterior is its field color. Normally it is silver.

Accent color: Accents include colors used to emphasize the primary color and bring architectural details to life. Most grain bin don’t have this. However, some Quonset hut turned into residences may have an accent color.

Trim color: These hues are used for door and window casings, which may be on metal pole building rather than a storage bin.

When buying exterior paint for a residential structure, try getting accent colors that have an intentional harmony with the background color. Therefore, choosing complementary or monochromatic paint hues for your doors and shutters is a good idea.

For your trim color, consider getting paint with a strong contrast to your field shade. If your exterior walls are dark, choose a bright trim color to make it pop.

For example, using a white trim color against a charcoal black field hue will create a crisp, contrasting effect.

Consider the color of your rusty barn roof

The color of your metal roof determines the hues of your exterior walls. While you don’t have to match your walls exactly to your top, the colors shouldn’t contrast too much.

Select hues that complement the color of your roof. Select the best paint for metal barn roofs, too.

Think about your desired visual effect

How does your home relate to the landscape? If it sits among a cluster of tall shady trees, you may consider getting a darker shade to make it stand out.

If you need to paint a rusty metal pipe fence the same color as the grain bin, there will be harmony between the two colors.

Consider your neighbors

Leaving your residential Quonset hut bright silver might not be a good idea.

Pick a color that sets your home apart from a grain bin. It shouldn’t necessarily clash but should harmonize with adjacent building colors.

Find the best grain bin paint on Amazon in 2023.

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