Best Africa Twin Handguards

best africa twin handguards
The OEM Africa Twin plastic wind deflectors offer little protection off road if the bike is dropped.

The best Africa Twin handguards are essential for protecting your hands from branches in the woods. Good hand guards also protect your clutch and brake levers when you drop the bike. Nothing sucks worse than braking a clutch lever on the trail.

Tusk D-Flex Handguards (Black, 7/8" Bar Mounts)
  • The Tusk D-Flex Handguards feature replaceable aluminum bars and plastic shields.
  • Designed with a large bend that provides exceptional brake and clutch lever clearance.
  • For Dirt Bikes only.
  • Package includes: 1-pair of Tusk Aluminum Handguards with bar clamp hardware and 1-pair of Tusk Plastic Handguard Shields

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JFG RACING Black Handguards Hand Guards - Universal for 7/8" and 1 1/8" Brush Bar For off Road ATV For Motorcycle Pit Dirt Bike Motocross
  • Aftermarket handlebar Hand Brush Guards for off road and dual sport motorcycles
  • JFG Hand Guards Can Protect Your Hands From Brush Rocks Mud And Cold wind and reinforced to protect your motorcycle in the event of a crash
  • JFG Handguards Is With Enough Room For Brake Cables Control And Other Devices
  • Material:PP Plastic and Aluminum Alloy
  • Fit All Handlebars Range 7/8" 22mm and 1 1/8" 28mm

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I have used the Tusk handguards on a Vstrom and an Africa Twin. I like them, but many folks like Barkbusters.

Why use handguards on an Africa Twin?

The Africa Twin adventure motorcycles is designed to tackle off-road trails with ease.

As such, they offer specialized components and accessories to help protect riders from the elements when out on the trail.

Handguards are an essential part of any adventure riding accessory kit.

The plastic wind protectors on the Africa Twin won’t protect your levers in a crash, so a good set of alloy ones are needed.

It’s possible to buy universal handguards or metal tube covers that shield the original Africa Twin OEM handguards.

MZS Motorcycle Lever Guards, Aluminum Clutch Brake Handlebar Protector Universal 7/8 Hollow Extendable Handguards Black Compatible with Sport Street Enduro Mountain Bike Ebikes
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - MZS motorcycle lever guards made of modern 6061 T6 aluminum alloy integrated CNC process has good corrosion resistance and is not easy to get rust and long life. And more importantly, compared with plastic hand guards, it has higher tensile strength and yield strength, and is not easily get damaged even under collision, which can better protect your hands and levers.
  • EXTENDABLE DESIGN - MZS summed up many years of motorcycle tuning experience and designed the most humane extendable design. Just simply adjust the bolts in the clutch and brake lever guards to adjust the overall length to match levers of different types and lengths, giving you the most comprehensive protection and comfortable driving experience.
  • CHAMFERED EXTENSION ADAPTER - The motorcycle handlebar protector adopts a unique chamfered extension adapter design. Compared with the traditional horn-shaped adapter, the extended part of the chamfered adapter is easier to open and easier to fix inside the handlebar, which solves the problem that the hand guards is easy to loosen during driving.
  • THROTTLE WASHER - In order to maintain a proper clearance with the brake and clutch levers, we have included prevent sticking washers to space the lever guard further away from the bar to ensure absolute independence of the connecting position of the brake lever guard and the throttle handle. After the installation, the throttle retains its original resilience, which keeps you safe and worry-free.
  • WIDE FITMENT - Easy install, fits to most bands of Motorcycle, Street bikes, Sports bikes, Dirt bikes, Enduro and Scooter with standard hollow 7/8 inch diameter handlebars. We provides lifetime technical support, if you need some question please contact us, we will help you.

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allroundsupplier for CRF 1000L Handguard for CRF1000L Africa Twin Hand Guards Shield Brake Clutch Levers Protector 2019 2018 2017 2016
  • ▶ Condition: 100% Brand New
  • ▶ Material: Steel
  • ▶ Color: Black
  • ▶ Package Included: 1 set x Hand Guard
  • ▶ Fitment: -- For 2016-2019 CRF1000L Africa Twin/DCT

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Metal or plastic handguards

Handguards come in many shapes, sizes and materials, so it is important to assess what your riding style and the terrain will be like before committing to a product.

Many handguard manufacturers offer either universal-fit versions or model specific versions depending on what type of bike you have.

Make sure you know which type of fitment works best for you before proceeding with your purchase.

When shopping for handguards for your motorcycle, it is important to consider the materials used in their construction since this can influence their performance on the trail significantly.

Some are made from aluminum or polypropylene as these materials offer good strength-to-weight ratios while others are constructed from carbon fiber or kevlar composites which provide superior protection against impacts but at additional cost.

The best handguards have an alloy spine that protects the clutch lever and brake lever, and they have a plastic wind deflector.

Without that alloy protection, you levers are exposed when riding on the trails or off road.

Types of Africa Twin Adventure Motorcycle Handguards

Adventure motorcycle handguards are an important piece of gear for motorcycle riders who plan to take their bikes onto more rugged terrain.

These types of handguards provide protection and comfort to the rider, as well as reducing wind drag while riding.

Below is a guide to some of the most popular handguard types and what they can offer to riders:

  • Full Wrap Handguards: These are the largest type of handguards, wrapping around much of the handlebar area. They offer superior protection from wind, rocks and other debris that can be encountered when off-roading on an adventure ride. Full Wrap Handguards also come in multiple sizes and styles to accommodate different makes and models.
  • Brush Guards: This type of Handguard is a shorter version but offers protection from branches, rocks or other obstacles that can be encountered on an adventure ride. Brush Guards also allow better airflow through the handlebars for a cooler ride in warm weather conditions.
  • Knuckle Protectors: These Handguards offer maximum protection for your fingers, hands, and wrists during off-roading rides since they wrap around your knuckles more so than other styles do. It’s especially great if you plan on doing some roof racing or high speeds across various terrain since they provide increased security when gripping onto your handlebars with all ten fingers in full force!
  • Mid-Size Bars: These mid sized bars vary in length but generally cover enough area to protect your whole lower arm where it meets with the bike frame while still providing adequate airflow through its openings. Mid Size Bars are great if you need plenty of coverage without having too much extra material which is usually associated with larger sized Handguards.

Benefits of Adventure Motorcycle Handguards

Investing in adventure motorcycle handguards is a great way to protect your bike and its handlebars in various weather conditions when riding off-road.

Handguards are designed to shield your hands and handlebars from mud, rain, rocks and other debris that may otherwise cause detrimental damage.

Additionally, these protective accessories keep your hands warm in cold weather riding conditions, which can help prevent fingers from freezing or being exposed to too much cold air.

How to Choose the Right Adventure Motorcycle Handguards for the Africa Twin

When it comes to choosing the best adventure motorcycle handguards, there are several factors to consider.

The construction, material, and weight of the handguards should all be taken into account before making a purchase.

These factors will determine the amount of protection that your hands receive from the elements and other road conditions.

The most important factor in selecting handguards is their construction and mounting system.

Handguards designed for adventure motorcycles should have a rigid shell made of durable materials like aluminum or carbon fiber for ultimate protection and improved performance.

Additionally, they should feature easy installation and hook-and-loop straps or locking clamps to ensure a secure fit.

Maintenance and care for Africa Twin motorcycle handguards

Taking care of your adventure motorcycle handguards is essential in maintaining their protection and longevity. Here are some tips to ensure your handguards are clean, securely fastened and free of damage.

Cleaning: For best results, use a damp cloth and a mild soap to wipe down the plastic guards. A light scrubbing with a brush can help rid the guards of tough dirt or grease. Avoid using solvents or any other harsh chemicals that could degrade the material of the guards. Make sure to dry them off completely before applying any lubricants or polishes.

Fastening: The most important aspects for properly securing handguards are ensuring proper torque on fasteners and mounting pins as well as making sure all holes line up correctly between the guard and the handlebar clamping area. Using lock-tight bolts can help prevent accidental loosening and should be replaced if damaged or broken. Additionally, check that all rubber mounting clamps are secure and undamaged as loose clamps can decrease stability and lead to decreased strength from vibration, particularly at high speeds or during rough terrain riding.

Inspections: Routine inspections should be conducted on your guards every few hundred miles or so depending on how much you ride them – checking for signs of damage such as cracks, chips, scratches, dents or discoloration which may indicate a breakage point in the future. Also make sure all bolts that fasten onto your bike’s handlebars remain tight throughout these inspections; if they become loose simply tighten them back up so they match the manufacturer’s recommended torque settings listed in your owners manual. These inspections usually need only take you an extra minute to complete but could save you from unexpected breakdowns in even more extreme conditions!

Final thoughts about the best Africa Twin handguards

In conclusion, the best adventure motorcycle handguards will depend on your personal preferences.

Handguards provide better protection, but they can also customize the look of your bike.

You should consider the weight and wind protection provided, as well as any other features that might lend themselves to your situation.

Find the best Africa Twin handguards on Amazon.

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