I Need Money Now for Free and Fast: What Are My Options?

I Need Money Now for Free and FastMillions of Americans live below the national standards for poverty. Luckily for them, there’s a host of ways to get money now in times of emergency — when there’s no other way to pay for food, house rent, hospitalization, dental or healthcare, and medication. These are just some of the sources you could try to use if you are asking, I need money now for free and fast.

Your federal government

Need is generally the basis for eligibility to financial assistance and other forms of benefit from the federal government.

This is determined by family income and family size. To scout for assistance that you may qualify in, visit Benefits.gov, Grants.gov, Disasterassistance.gov, and Disability.gov.

Be diligent in your search because there are around 1000 benefits and 21 categories where your circumstances may qualify in.

There are specially-designed aids for people who are under any of the special categories, such as seniors, war veterans, disabled individuals, single mothers, and the like. These are areas you may explore.

Your state government

See if your family qualifies for the state-administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.

Low-income families, unemployed heads of families, or families with children may be granted money assistance if the family income falls below the threshold of poverty.

As the name implies, this aid is temporary. You may also take advantage of the 269 food assistance programs offered through SNAP, food vouchers, food coupons, and electronic benefit transfer cards (EBT) for groceries.

Under the government’s Energy Assistance program, there are around 100 types of benefits which you may avail of, including the LIHEAP which is designed to help you pay your energy bills, and other related expenses.

Charitable institutions

Funds intended for personal use may also be sourced from non-profit charitable institutions. Some of the widely-recognized philanthropic organizations are the Catholic Charities USA, Direct Relief, Good 360, Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, Needhelppayingbills.com, Salvation Army, and The United Way.

They generally target the poor as beneficiaries, but some of them have specially-identified beneficiaries, such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation which is designed for medically-ill children.

Crowdfunding: ‘I need money now and have no job’

You must have noticed that opportunities for free money are mostly focused on beneficiaries living below the poverty line.

If you have adequate income and live above the poverty line, then your chance for free money from the mentioned sources is practically nil.

However, if you have notable ideas and projects that need financial support, you may try crowdfunding or raising funds for it.

With crowdfunding, your would advertise your venture or project through a web platform and ask the “crowd” to fund it. The “crowd” refers to individuals or communities who believe in your cause.

Who knows, a millionaire philanthropist may chance upon your ad and support your research, business idea, invention, social development project, medical donation, relief assistance, wheelchair distribution, social awareness, and many more.

Try checking in the websites of Modestneeds.org, Heronetwork.com, Auntbertha.com or 211.org.


Foundations generally fund research and inventions, not personal-purpose needs. If you need money intended for these endeavours, start looking for foundations that specifically support the field or area that you are exploring.

Billionaires, millionaires and celebrities

There may not be as many opportunities for free and fast cash for those belonging in the upper strata of society as there are for those in the poverty level.

Even then, there are still several possible ways to raise funds. For instance, FundAnything.com is supported by cash-loaded bigwigs like Donald Trump.

The site is a venue where people advertise a novel business idea that needs financial support, a costly medical procedure to save a life, or an experimental cure to cancer.

Bill Gates has spent billions to fund research for AIDS vaccine; Pierre Omidyar of eBay supports endeavours for social change. Jeff Bezos of Amazon makes his way as a top donor in 2018, according to the Philanthropy 50 list.

Free money can be found from a lot of places, but it’s not for everyone. You need to fall under certain categories to be able to get it.

Normally, you need to show proof of need. If you’re not that needy, you have to be creative and exert the extra effort.

In short, you have to show why you’re idea is worth supporting and be able to convince your potential benefactor to fund you. Hopefully, this helps if you are unemployed with no job and saying, I need money now for free and fast.