‘I Need 200 Dollars Now: What Can I Do?’ (ANSWERED)

i need 200 dollars now‘I need 200 dollars now. What can I do for fast cash?’ Let’s look at options so you can bank that money you desperately need right now.

$200 is a not lot of cash to raise in an emergency — like when rent is late or you have bills to pay — and can be done if you are willing to work and think.

You may need to combine multiple methods to achieve your desired results, but like everything in life there are no guarantees.

Find out what people need today for $200

If you find out what people need and fill that need, money will follow.

Example: You need $200 now, and I’m providing options about how to do so. Now you need to take that info and apply it.

Here are two examples of how to find out what’s needed.

I’ve already written about using Craigslist’s “items wanted” and “gigs” section to find out what people need in your community and fulfill that need — whether it be shoveling show, chopping wood, walking pets, mowing laws.

But a tactic I though was clever was done at nevblog.com. The blogger did an experiment: Make money with little capital. The solution: Sell bottled water on a hot day off a freeway exit.

While people were in their hot cars, waiting for traffic to move, the entrepreneur sold an entire case of bottled water in 30 minutes. This provided a service and product to people who were in need. Best of all, there was no competition, and money was made.

Granted, there are legal ramifications for not having a permit, license, etc., and selling wares on the freeway, and it is not a recommended practice but the main point is this: Figure out what people need, and you’ll succeed.

Sell plasma and hair to get $200 dollars now

Sure selling off a lung would net you some coin but that’s not an option, but selling body fluids and hair are.

You can get about $25 to $35 dollars for 1 hour’s worth of work, selling plasma. Clinics will pay you for plasma, which is a fluid that circulates through your blood stream.

It regenerates, so you don’t have to worry about the loss, and you can donate twice a week. One caveat: You need to be drug-free and healthy.

Got long hair? Sell it for $200 right now!

The price of real hair is astronomical. Check out the website buyandsellhair.com.

You’ll find that uncolored hair that’s at least 15 inches in length will net about $500 to $1000.

If you’re willing to sell for less than what others are, you may be able to solve your money woes quick. This could be an option for a single mom who needs baby stuff but needs to raise cash for it.

Back to the store

Return that must-have item you bought last week. Chances are it’s still in the box and you did not need it.

Although it probably won’t get you $200 today, it will get you a lower credit card bill, which will keep you from saying I need money right now next month.

This is a great way to free up some extra money to pay down your credit card. Think ahead — not just today.

‘I need $200 dollars now’: Be a scrapper

Scrap metal pays money. About 32 cans weigh 1 pound, which is worth about 75 cents — give or take depending on the price of aluminum.

Pick up about 225 aluminum cans, sell it to a scrap yard, and you’ll have about $5.

Aluminum cans are everywhere, including parking lots, ditches, office buildings, restaurants, etc. You’ll want to crush them to save space, though.

Aluminum has a low cost per pound, so it’s better to look for a metal that has a high cost per pound and that is abundant.

One such metal is brass.

Brass is heavy and has been used in bedposts for years. You could put up ads on craigslist offering to buy brass bed frames.

Yes, you’ll spend a little money buying it and transporting it, but the goal is to make more money than you spend.

This can be applied to other items, as well — old steel bikes or anything steel.

Coin hunting to get $200

You’d be surprised at how much money will turn up when you search the nooks and crannies of your house.

Whether you’ve dropped that money or forgotten it, it doesn’t hurt to search for it.

Check between the sofa cushions, behind the washer and dryer, in the closet, in dresser drawers, in pants and coats you have not worn in ages, between the car seats.

Sell items on Craigslist, to the pawnshop

You could sell items on Craigslist with success when you need $200 fast.

It’s an option that works well, and it’s better than using a pawnshop.

A pawnshop will only give you about 20-25 percent of what your item is worth, and that’s a waste.

I hope these ideas have been helpful to you if you are saying today, ‘I need 200 dollars now.’