Honda Valkyrie Forum and Links List: Resources for your F6 or GL1500C

honda valkyrie forum links
My 1997 Honda Valkyrie which I bought as a project. The previous owner started to turn the motorcycle into a Honda Valkyrie bobber. Here it is before I made any changes to it.

I bought a 1997 Honda Valkyrie standard recently and wanted a central list of Honda Valkyrie forums, resource links, and videos for my reference. It is below.

Muscle cruiser

The F6C and F6 Valkyrie is a muscle cruiser. Its wet weight was advertised as 739 lbs, with a wheelbase of 66.5 inches. The GL1500C proportions are massive. To propel this beast, an upgraded 1520cc liquid-cooled, horizontally opposed, 4-stroke six cylinder engine is squeezed into the F6 frame.

The flat six boxer engine produced different amounts of horsepower and torque during 1997 through 2003, according to dyno tests by motorcycle magazines. Although Honda released no official horsepower numbers, there is rumor that the 97 Valkyrie had the highest HP by utilizing hotter camshafts and carbs designed to eke out more power.

Despite the horsepower and torque specs, the motorcycles did come in different trim levels, including standard, touring, and interstate models, which impacted acceleration because of the additional weight from the trim level.

1997 Honda Valkyrie specifications

Suggested retail price: $12,499 (black); $12,799 (two-tone)
Engine type: Liquid-cooled, horizontally opposed, 4-stroke six cylinder
Displacement: 1520cc
Transmission: 5-speed
Final drive: Shaft, 2.83: 1
Front tire: 150/80-17 Dunlop 0206 radial
Rear tire: 180/70-17 Dunlop D206 radial
Wheelbase: 66.5 in. (1689mm)
Seat height: 29.1 in. (739mm)
Fuel capacity: 5.3 gal. (20L)
Wet weight: 739 lbs (333kg) wet; 707 lbs
Fuel consumption: 24 to 35 mpg, 32 miles per gallon.

Honda Valkyrie forums and resource links

Below is a collection of forums and links for the F6C in no particular order. It is not exhaustive. If you have a link, send it to me and I will add it if it’s legit. Also, many website owners stopped updating or running their site after the Valk stopped production the first time around. This means we have to use to access some of the no-longer available sites.

Honda Valkyrie videos

I found a few good review videos of the Valk. They are below. This list is not exhaustive.

I hope this list of Honda Valkyrie forums and links has been helpful.

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