Desperately, I Need Money Right Now – Options To Get Help With Money Today!

need money right now no bank account‘I need money right now today.’ This is a common occurrence when payday is another week away and bills are due. It’s at that point you need help and are desperately seeking financial assistance.

I’m sure you have came across that situation. You need to get money now. You may be unemployed, have bad credit, credit card debt, or just be in a bad situation. It doesn’t matter.

I want to give you some info about what I do when I need to get money fast.

One quick method involves quickie cash stores, which requires just filling out an application, and paying on it for the rest of your life. That’s not a good way to go in my opinion.

Craigslist gigs, items wanted when you need money right now

Everybody tells you to sell items on Craigslist to get money today, but that isn’t the best solution.

I find a better option is to use the gigs and items wanted sections. These two sections have people that NEED something. You just need to fulfill that need to get money. It is a simple as that.

Want an example of one option to get  help with money today?

i need money right nowThat screen shot is from the Houston Craigslist. I blocked out the phone number and email because I don’t think that person wants surprise calls.

But you can see that this person is moving and is willing to offer 3 to 4 hours of work at $9 per hour. Yeah, that’s above minimum wage and will get you a minimum of $27.

Yes, you’ll have to spend time working to get that money but I said above work is involved. You need a different route if just want to apply for free money.

There is a lot of crap in the gigs section and you should be discerning, especially ads asking for females for modeling. Those are not a good bet unless you are comfortable with that sort of thing.

Also, if it says “work from home” or “visit my website and sign up,” you should stay away from it because it’s probably spammy.

Generally, though, I have found that people post when they need an extra hand with manual labor.

This includes cleaning houses, cars, and boats; helping with moving; doing general yard work, such as mowing lawns, raking leaves, shoveling snow.

These are great opportunities for you to right now get money today. You won’t get rich but you will may some pocket cash, which you can use for your bills or groceries or gas.

Granted, you may not be a young stud, but surely you can help clean carpets. Let’s look at another example from the Houston Craigslist …

Example 2 if you desperately need money right now

desperately need moneyThis person needs their carpet cleaned. Carpet cleaning is not a tough job, and they are paying $16 per hour, which is a honest wage for a couple hours of work.

Although it says you may have to move furniture, there are things called sliders, which go under the furniture and you push it around so you don’t have to “lift” it.

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There are other methods to get money right now — today — but this is one technique that I use. I have never had any problems with it. I hope it helps you.