Best LiPo battery guide: Holdin’ a charge!

best lipo battery for traxxas slash
I've used nickel-metal hydride and lithium polymer batteries during the many years I've been involved i the RC hobby. My opinion: The best LiPo battery is so much better than NiMH in terms of low weight and high energy density in RC cars, such as a Traxxas Slash or Summit. In my rock crawler, I still use NiMH because I like...

What are the best HDTV brands?

best hdtv brand
My question: What are the best HDTV brands in 2022? I recently picked up a PS4 and did some research on good 1080p TV brands. I wanted a unit that had multiple HDMI ports, USB, 1080p, and was a good value for my buck. That's how I defined best, and the set for me was a 40" Vizio Smart TV. Granted,...