Do CPUs come with thermal paste? (ANSWERED)

do intel processors come with thermal paste
When I put together my first computer many moons ago, I had a ton of questions. I remember one being, do CPUs come with thermal paste? At the time, I had no idea. My motto was to be prepared, though. I bought a tube of Arctic Silver as a precautionary measure. After unboxing retail CPUs, I learned that stock AMD and...

Question: What is the best subwoofer for low volume listening?

Question: What is the best subwoofer for low volume listening? I use a budget 2.1 bookshelf speaker and subwoofer combo at my PC. This means I do a lot of low volume level listening. I still want my music to have bass -- a good thump to it, if you will. I did some searching and found the Dayton Audio SUB-800...

LiPo vs NiMH

lipo vs nimh vs nicd
My question: What is the difference between LiPo vs NiMH? When I started with radio-controlled cars, nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries were the standard. They were debated with the then-new technology -- nickel metal hydride (NiMH). Nowadays, we have lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries, which have advantages and disadvantages compared to NiMH and NiCd. I thought I would answer my question here with the...

Nitro vs electric RC cars: Has the dust settled?

nitro vs electric
For years, there has been a great debate in the radio controlled car world: nitro vs electric. I have pitched for both teams at one time or another, but my preference nowadays is electric. I'll explain why I'm in that camp at the end of the article. First, though, let's go over the pros and cons of both nitro and electric cars, which will...

Is Vizio a good brand? (ANSWERED)

is vizio a good tv brand
Is Vizio a good brand? This is a question I have seen people ask on the web often. It is one I asked before purchasing one. Now that I own one, I will answer with my opinion and provide a review. The Vizio TV brand is not too expensive and is stocked in more than 8,000 retail stores, including Amazon. I...

What are the best RC car brands? (ANSWERED)

best rc car brands on the market
Question: What are the best RC car brands on the market? I've been involved in the radio controlled car and truck hobby for a long time. I thought I would list some of the good brands I've bashed and trashed, and fixed and raced around the backyard and racetrack. The point is not to pit one brand against another. Rather, it's...

Best LiPo battery guide: Holdin’ a charge!

best lipo battery for traxxas slash
I've used nickel-metal hydride and lithium polymer batteries during the many years I've been involved i the RC hobby. My opinion: The best LiPo battery is so much better than NiMH in terms of low weight and high energy density in RC cars, such as a Traxxas Slash or Summit. In my rock crawler, I still use NiMH because I like...

Best RC Brushless Motor for Speed: How Fast Can You Go?

best brushless motor
I've thought about upgrading my Wheely King by adding the best brushless motor to my RC truck. After reading a few reviews, I realized I would grenade the transmission -- quick! A brushless RC motor and ESC are commonplace in many radio controlled cars and trucks nowadays -- as well as RC planes and drones. Because I did do some research...

What is the best monochrome laser printer in 2022?

best laser printer for home office use
I have been in the market for the best monochrome laser printer for home use and small office use. I had a few requirements for this unit. It has to work across multiple operating systems, including Linux and Windows. I needed a monochrome laser printer, with scanner and copier. I wanted a unit that I could buy toner and a...

Best computer fan in 2022: Heat beware!

best computer fan
For years, the best computer fans for me were the orange Nexus 120mm units. I always defined "best" as being able to keep my tower and CPU cool (under 100 percent load at 50 degree Celsius) and provide little to no audible fan noise. Every PC I built used Nexus -- the orange version. They are super quiet, especially when they...