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Best Bedside Gun Safe in 2023

Best Bedside Gun Safe
Placing a fully loaded gun sans ample protection under the pillow, under the bed, or atop the nightstand is not only ill-advised but very dangerous to family members – including you. Consider getting the best bedside gun safe. That’s courting disaster, and it behooves upon all conscientious gun owners to put more premium on safety at home. Read customer reviews of...

Best Airsoft Goggles

Don’t ever make the mistake of going into airsoft combat without wearing a protective gear for your eyes -- whether the best airsoft goggles or a full face mask. In the heat of the game, pellets can very well shoot into your eyes or up your nose. You can never predict when an opponent gives you an in-your-face headshot and...

Best IWB Holster for Glock 26 Pistols

Reader question: I want to buy an inside the waistband holster for concealed carry. I only have one pistol, so I'm looking for the best IWB holster for a Glock 26. Any thoughts or reviews? Read customer reviews on Amazon. The Glock 26 is a sub-compact 9mm semi-automatic pistol that comes with extendable ten-round magazines of up to 12 rounds. It has...

What are the Best Bore Sights?

best bore sight
The best bore sights will make sure that the bore of your gun and the optical sight are aligned. Always keep in mind that bore sighting does not sight in your gun. It will only provide the reference point so you could get down to sighting in your gun, and save valuable time and ammunition costs by avoiding extensive live-fire...

Best climbing tree stand buyers guide in 2023

Best Climbing Tree Stand under 200
Archery deer hunting requires good equipment, including the best climbing tree stand for the money. Read reviews of tree stands or see photos on Amazon. This allows you to gain advantage at elevated observation points and get a cleaner shot. Although blinds and ladder, hang-on, tripod and box types stands are available to hunters, the climbing stand is often preferred. They are comfortable...

What Do I Wear Dove Hunting?

What Do I Wear Dove Hunting
Dove hunting signals the hunting season around the US, which comes about in autumn. It’s an adventuresome and challenging sport, as doves can be as elusive a prey as deer or waterfowl. Dove hunting is considered an easy and less stressful sport compared to big game, deer, or waterfowl hunting. Even so, you’ll need to secure the appropriate licenses, right gear and...

Choosing the best touring bicycle

best touring bike under 1000
A touring bicycle is a unique breed of machine. It allows you to go on cycling holidays -- biking across Europe or the US or any other vacation adventure you can plan. You'll become a worldwide traveler, seeing life from your bicycle saddle. But you are not limited to world travel and tourism, remember. A good touring bicycle can be used...

Tips for biking at night

Cycling in the dark provides a different experience than day-time biking. Familiar routes and terrain take on an unfamiliar look while night bike riding. This can break up the monotony of bicycling on your favorite stomping grounds, and it can provide time to get out and train, which can be difficult with the days getting shorter and when you are...

Best fluorocarbon line buyers guide

best fluorocarbon line
Don’t let the name fool you. The best fluorocarbon line isn’t part toothpaste and part carbon fiber. Fluorocarbon fishing line is actually a very useful tool for many anglers, and can be used as a primary line or a leader to add extra strength and response. Read customer reviews of the best fluorocarbon fishing line on the market on Amazon. So what...

Best crappie reel: A spinning reel buyers guide

best crappie reel on the market
When I was a young lad, I had access to a small lake that was a short walk from my house. I use to fish at the lake with a bamboo pole and worm for bluegill. The lake was so over-populated with panfish that I could drop the line in and get a bite in under 1 minute. It was...