Guitar String Notes for Beginners

guitar string notes
Guitar string notes are a foreign language for beginners. They get called by numbers. They get called by letters. And they get referred to as top or bottom, as well. Can they get any more confusing? Nah, they don't. They are really easy to learn and I want to help you. How many strings? The standard electric guitar has six strings. When...

Best Acoustic Guitar Strings

Best Acoustic Guitar Strings for the money
The best acoustic guitar strings depends on your experience, playing style, and sound you want to achieve. It is subjective. But there are three brands that I suggest: Ernie Ball, Elixir, and D'Addarrio. I will review each and provide you with their pros and cons. First, though, let's understand the different types of strings for acoustics. There are 80/20 bronze...

Best Bass Amp Brands Right Now

best bass amp brands
My first bass amp was a $10 used generic special. It sounded horrible -- especially with a Jazz bass guitar. It did not take me long to seek out a few of the best bass amp brands. I thought I would list a few manufacturers in this article and provide a short buyers guide about buying a bass guitar amplifier. There are...

Top 3 Best Bluegrass Guitar Books

Best Bluegrass Guitar Books
I enjoy listening to Billy Strings and folk / bluegrass music. I want to learn flat picking skills, chord progressions, and notes for jamming out to bluegrass music on my acoustic guitar. What is the best bluegrass guitar book to get me started? Hal Leonard's Bluegrass Guitar Method is easy to follow and fun. It seems good for beginner, intermediate,...

What is the best amp for Epiphone Les Paul guitars?

best amp for epiphone les paul guitars
Question: I just started playing electric guitar. I have a guitar but no amplifier by Les Paul by Epiphone guitar. I am on a budget. What is the best amp for Epiphone Les Paul guitars? Les Paul style guitars are classics. Whether you have an Epiphone or Gibson, the sounds they produce will rock the world. A good amp for...