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10 Best Tires for VFR800 Motorcycles

best tires for vfr800
If you own a Honda VFR800, you know how important it is to have high-quality tires that can handle its power and performance. Choosing the right tire brand and size can greatly impact your ride and safety on the road. In this article, we'll...

Review: Are JT sprockets any good?

are jt sprockets any good
Question: I need a front sprocket for my motorcycle or dirt bike. Are JT sprockets any good? I asked my self the same question not too long ago. My Suzuki V-Strom motorcycle's chain was worn, and I wanted to replace the chain and sprockets all...

What’s the Best Piston for KX85 Motorcycles?

best piston for kx85
Question: My son has a small Kawasaki dirt-bike. He rides around the farm all the time. It now has low compression and is need of a rebuild. What is the best piston for KX85 motorcycles? I've used Wiseco pistons and rebuild kits with great success...

Best Carbon Fork for Vintage Steel Frames

best carbon fork for vintage steel frame
Who makes the best carbon fork for steel frames? It is a question I've asked myself during the last three steel frame restorations I've done. Top 3 carbon forks for gravel bike steel frames Can you install a carbon fork on a steel frame? Yes. There are...

Best Seat for DRZ400

best seat for drz400
Are you looking for the best seat for your DRZ400? The stock seat is OK, but an upgraded seat can make the bike better, I think. I am a fan of Sargent seats. I have used them on a couple different bikes and like them. When...

Best 50/50 Dual Sport Tire for an Africa Twin

best 50 50 tire for africa twin crf1100 adventure bikes
The best 50/50 dual sport tire for an Africa Twin will stick to the roads in the rain and keep you from spinning your tyres in the sand and mud. You also want long lasting dual sport tires for your KLR, V-Strom, or KTM adventure...

Best Africa Twin Handguards

best africa twin handguards
The best Africa Twin handguards are essential for protecting your hands from branches in the woods. Good hand guards also protect your clutch and brake levers when you drop the bike. Nothing sucks worse than braking a clutch lever on the trail. I have used...

Best Harley Clutch Cable

best harley clutch cable
Any long distance motorcyclist knows a broken clutch cable will send you and your bike to the dealer. How do you circumvent a snapped cable? Buy the best clutch cable for your Harley Davidson motorcycle. When searching for the perfect Harley clutch cable, one must...

Are Wiseco Pistons Good?

are wiseco pistons good
Question: Are Wiseco pistons good? Wiseco has been making pistons since the 1940s for performance engines. They are a well-known brand. I used a set of Wiseco pistons in a late '80s small block Chevy 350 cubic inch motor many years ago. They worked just fine. I,...

Are Bikemaster Chains Any Good?

are bikemaster chains any good
If you are in the market for a new motorcycle chain, you may have come across Bikemaster as a brand option. But are Bikemaster chains any good? Are Bikemaster chains good? Bikemaster chains may be a good option for those in need of a new motorcycle...