What are the best HDTV brands?

best hdtv brand
My question: What are the best HDTV brands in 2023? I recently picked up a PS4 and did some research on good 1080p TV brands. I wanted a unit that had multiple HDMI ports, USB, 1080p, and was a good value for my buck. That's how I defined best, and the set for me was a 40" Vizio Smart TV. Granted,...

Best LiPo charger buyers guide: Juice up that battery!

best lipo charger
The best LiPo charger is as important as the lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries for your radio-controlled model vehicles (R/C cars). Sony introduced the first prototype cylinder Li-on battery in 1991. After several years of testing, the LiPo battery with pouch technology was produced and marketed. One of the first battery-user segments to recognize the advantage of the new battery was the...

What is the best heeling stick? (ANSWERED)

best heeling stick on the market
My German Shepherd dog needed to learn how to heel. I found it so much easier to teach the behavior with the best heeling stick.