Guide to buying the best oscilloscope for hobbyists

best oscilloscope for automotive car audio
When I started college, I wanted to be an electrical engineer. In a basic electronics course, I learned about oscilloscopes and got to fiddle with them as a hobbyist. Despite a change in my major to healthcare, I still saw them when working in a hospital, with patients hooked up to an electrocardiogram machine. I thought I would provide an overview...

Guide to buying the best soldering irons for automotive wiring

best soldering iron for automotive wiring
The best soldering iron will help you repair electronics, circuit boards, jewelry, or guitars. This tool supplies heat to melt solder, which flows between two pieces of material and forms a connection. Read reviews on Amazon for the best soldering irons for automotive wiring. The composition of a soldering iron is simple: A metal tip that is heated in an insulated handle. The...

Best Grease for Farm Equipment: Lube up that Tractor Loader PTO Shaft

best grease gun
Who makes the best grease for tractors or heavy equipment? A good grease is essential to keep your your tractor loader bearings and grease points working slick on the farm. Your starting place should be the owners manual. It does not matter if it is a Kubota, John Deere, Case, or another brand. The manual will identify the type of...

Best Chain for Pulling Stumps

best chain for pulling stump
The best chain for pulling stumps may depend on the size of the tree stump but I have seen 3/8 inch Grade 80 logging chain do well pulling brush stumps. Pulling stumps with a tractor or truck There is a lot of danger associated with using a tractor or truck to pull a tree stump from the ground. Often, tree stumps are...

Best Shed for Electric Kiln

best outdoor shed for electric kiln
Questions: What is the best shed for electric kilns? Can you put a kiln in a shed? Can you put an electric kiln outside? Does an electric kiln need venting? These are all great questions that your local building and code inspector for your city or county should answer. Generally speaking ... I don't know the answer to the questions; however, I...

Best Tractor Paint: Spruce Up Implements with Spray Enamel in a Can

best tractor paint
I have three old, antique John Deere tractors -- all of which had worn, rusty, faded, sun-baked paint when I bought them for restoration. Those utility tractors needed the best tractor paint to look good. I did just that by painting the hood, body panels, and rims with a good enamel tractor paint in a spray can. The implements, including...

Best Grain Bin Paint: Galvanized Metal Paint for Barn Roofs and Pipe Fences

best grain bin paint
The best grain bin paint will last years and may be used on a metal barn roof, rusty pipe fence, or a Quonset hut. Top concern: The paint needs to be designed for galvanized metal. Good paint for grain bins, metal roofs, or pipe fences Galvanized grain bins may be difficult to paint unless the galvanized metal has been etched or...

Question: Are Milwaukee tools good?

are milwaukee tools good
Question: Are Milwaukee tools good? I am a big fan of Milwaukee power tools, which I have used for years. I have Milwaukee drills, impact drivers, a Sawzall, and circular saw. Milwaukee offers a large line of tools, which is one of this company's pros. They product line includes more than just drills, circular saws, or flashlights. Offerings also include specialty...

Best Goggles for Snowblowing

best goggles for snow blowing
The past winter we've had a lot of snow in the Midwest. I have used the snow-blower in windy conditions and needed protection from blowing snow. I went in search for the best goggles for snowblowing. A good pair of goggles with anti-fog protection. I needed a good face covering. Where to find the best goggles for arctic conditions In the Midwest,...

Are Harbor Freight Trailers Any Good? (ANSWERED)

are harbor freight trailers any good
Question: I need a small trailer for hauling my motorcycles, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, and garden tractors. Are Harbor Freight trailers any good? The price looks good. What about the quality? I debated about buying a HF 4x8 trailer for almost a year. When I came across a used 1720 lb HF trailer for cheap, I bought it. Harbor Freight Trailer Heavy...