Guide to buying the best mini lathe on the market

best mini lathe
The best mini lathe will shape that hunk of metal or wood perfectly round. It doesn't matter if you operate a lathe as a hobby or as a professional and are looking for a mill combo. Lathes, which use to be massive, have been an important tool in carpentry and metal-working over the last hundred years. Smaller mini lathes (also known...

Guide to buying the best radial arm saw in 2023

best radial arm saw
Building your kids’ playset or a new bench to sit outside and enjoy your backyard can be made easier with the best radial arm saw. Read customer reviews of good radial arm saws in 2023 on Amazon. Brands like Craftsman, Delta, Ryobi, Dewalt, Rigid, Milwaukee, and Makita offer durable and varying saw sizes, along with enough horsepower to cut through even the...

Guide to buying the best air hammer in 2023: Let’s chisel!

best air hammer
The best air hammer, also called an air chisel, is a hand operated pneumatic tool meant for cutting different metals and stones. They work well for removing control arm bushings, popping out CV joints, or peening/bucking solid rivets. A good chisel will make life in the automotive garage so much easier. These tools comes in different designs to hold different tips as demanded...

List: 26 of the best table saw brands

best table saw brands list
The table saw is a mainstay in the woodworker's shop. It will rip, miter, square pieces, along with join, groove, and shape pieces. Read customer reviews of the best table saws for the money on Amazon. I have been looking at table saw brands. I want to upgrade from using my circular saw and a rail, which is not super accurate. Although...

Best maul for splitting wood in 2023 buyers guide

best splitting maul for firewood
I came across a log-built hunting blind not too long ago. It reminded me about the difference between chopping and splitting wood. Oddly enough, most people use the wrong tool. Do you? Wood chopping and splitting are two different techniques that require different tools. The best maul for splitting wood is not the same as an axe. Search and read customer...

Best 110v MIG Welder in 2023

Best 110v MIG Welder for home use
The best 110v MIG welder for home use will create strong, clean welds, especially for body work. A metal inert gas welding is probably the easiest to learn -- compared to ARC and TIG. The best budget MIG welder is small and can operate of household current. Let's look at what to consider when getting one. Search and read customer reviews of good budget...

Best impact socket set under $200 buyers guide

Who makes the best impact socket set under $200 in 2023? That's what I wanted to know. Read customer reviews to find the best impact socket brand on the market on Amazon. I looked into it the question and found the big brands like Craftsman, Dewalt, Snap-on, Matco, MAC, etc. and all great sockets for day to day wrenching. I also...

Guide to using the best headliner adhesive in 2023

best headliner adhesive
Got an old car? You've probably got a headliner that's sagging, too. Whether you're an advanced auto-detailer or even just a casual do-it-yourselfer, choosing the best headliner adhesive for your vehicle will make this inconvenient task quick and easy. 7 Top Rated Headliner Adhesives with Reviews The following buyer's guide will provide you with tips and tricks to do the work. Read customer reviews...

Guide to buying the best oscilloscope for hobbyists

best oscilloscope for automotive car audio
When I started college, I wanted to be an electrical engineer. In a basic electronics course, I learned about oscilloscopes and got to fiddle with them as a hobbyist. Despite a change in my major to healthcare, I still saw them when working in a hospital, with patients hooked up to an electrocardiogram machine. I thought I would provide an overview...

Best low profile floor jack for lowered cars: What to look for when buying one

best aluminum floor jack
The best low profile floor jack for lowered cars is an important purchase for your garage or home shop. Performance and safety are the two most critical elements to consider when searching for a jack. Perhaps you have a budget to follow because of the Misses. Or, maybe cash isn't even an issue but lifespan is. Whatever factors impact your choices,...