Best Washable Dog Beds

best washable dog bed
I bought the best washable dog bed for my German Shepherd puppy many times. But my GSD puppy tore them apart -- despite being labeled as indestructible and chew-proof. My GSD did not appreciate a soft orthopedic memory foam dog bed until recently. Now he realizes his bed is to sleep on and not a chew toy. During the puppy phase,...

Best German Shepherd Vest for the Money: Dog Harness Reviews

german shepherd tactical vest
My dog needed a military style dog harness for hiking. I set out on a mission: Find the best German Shepherd vest for the money. I did have requirements for this tactical dog vest, including MOLLE webbing for adding storage and a handle. Find the best German Shepherd tactical vest on the market in 2021. OneTigris Tactical Dog Training Vest Harness...

Best Rugs for Dogs: Where’s Your Pooch Sleeping?

best rugs for dogs
The best rugs for dogs are soft, comfortable and inviting for your puppy or adult dog. What good is a pet friendly area rug for your dog if the puppy won't lay on it? That was the struggle I had. My German Shepherd dog likes laying on the floor because it is cool. I found a rug material he liked. It took...

Best weed killer safe for dogs

weed killer safe for dogs
I used a pet safe weed and feed on my lawn at the start of the year. But I did not use it in my front yard by the house, which has weeds. I need best weed killer safe for dogs. Find the best pet safe weed killer in 2021 on Amazon. I wanted to try a natural approach from the...

Best Grass Seed for Dog Urine

grass for dogs
Question: What is the best grass seed for dogs? I need a hardy, durable dog resistant grass for my lawn. I have considered artificial grass but really don't want a fake lawn. My German Shepherd dog tore the yard apart, leaving mud spots in high traffic areas and brown spots from dog urine. My GSD has allergies to one of the...

Best Extra Large Dog House for Great Danes: A Big Space for Your Canine

best dog house for great dane
A tool shed turned into a custom made extra large dog house for Great Danes may be the only choice for a dog with legs as long as a horse. Most Danes are inside dogs. They may do well with a a 4'x8' kennel for their crate. An indoor Great Dane may also take over your entire house as...

Best Training Collar for Large Dogs: Reviews and Recommendations in 2021

best spiked collar for dog training
Question: What is the best training collar for large dogs? My working line German shepherd dog (GSD) is a little stubborn. He needs a heavy duty dog collar or harness for leash training an extra large dog. My GSD is a working line dog and is a handful at times. I have found three awesome training collars for big dogs...

What is the Best Glucosamine for Dogs?

Best Glucosamine for Dogs
The best glucosamine for dogs may help your pooch with elbow or hip joint pain, damage, or arthritis. Although my large breed German Shepherd has good hips and elbows, I want to make sure he doesn't develop health issues like dysplasia. I limited his jumping until he was well over a year old, did not get him fixed, and...

How to have a dog when you work all day

should i get a dog if i work all day
My question: What to do with a puppy while at work? It can be difficult to have a dog when you are working a full-time job, especially if you are a single person. I have had my German Shepherd for almost two years now, and I have figured out how to leave my puppy alone while at work. These techniques worked...

What is the best heeling stick? (ANSWERED)

best heeling stick on the market
My German Shepherd dog needed to learn how to heel. I found it so much easier to teach the behavior with the best heeling stick.