Best Washable Dog Beds

best washable dog bed
One tired pup, who almost never sleeps on the bed like it is designed for. Nevertheless, an easy to clean dog bed with a removable cover makes machine washing easy.

I bought the best washable dog bed for my German Shepherd puppy many times. But my GSD puppy tore them apart — despite being labeled as indestructible and chew-proof.

My GSD did not appreciate a soft orthopedic memory foam dog bed until recently. Now he realizes his bed is to sleep on and not a chew toy.

During the puppy phase, I bought a lot of beds. I realized I needed a machine washable bed, along with a durable cover.

I bought brands like KONG, Dogzilla, and Top Paw. Let’s review a few easy to clean dog beds for the money.

KONG dog bed review

The KONG dog bed lasted quite a while. My German Shepherd dog did not have the desire to tear this bed apart.

The material is durable and stood up to my dog’s nails for many months. This dog bed with a washable cover has a zipper, which makes washing it easy.

Dogzilla dog bed review

Petmate Dogzilla Gusseted Pillow Bed, 29 x 40, Red/Black
  • Durable Rip-Stop fabric with contrast piping
  • High-loft recycled polyester fiber fill
  • Great for indoor or outdoor use

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The Dogzilla bed has been around my house for six months now. The price is reasonable at a local farm store, where I bought it, and my dog seems to like it.

This is an easy to clean dog bed, with a zip up outer casing. The zipper has held up well during weekly washings.

easy to clean dog beds for large dogs
My tired GSD giving me the “leave me alone look” when taking this photo.

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This bed is going to be my next purchase.

Guide to buying a completely washable dog bed

Comfort, cost

When purchasing a bed for your dog, a few elements are important to keep in mind.

One is the overall comfort of the product for your specific animal, along with cost.

If these two categories are given equal consideration, finding the right bed becomes easy.

Large breed dog bed size

To begin with, flexible thinking is required. For instance, small dogs don’t necessarily need to have small beds. That’s one misconception that can cause unnecessary pickiness while shopping.

It’s true that most dogs like being able to curl up with their back or side against a wall when resting, so having a massive bed for a small breed isn’t always necessary.

But many dogs like to spread out and stretch their legs while they sleep too. Just like people, a little rolling room is ideal.

Backing wall

Stretching aside, having a low, plush “wall” lining the bed is often helpful for a dog’s sense of security.

Dogs like to feel that they can survey the room from their resting place, in case any danger comes calling. Some dogs even like to have a den-like bed with a “roof” that curves over the top!

The material inside the bed can also contribute to comfort. It’s important to pay attention to what kind of “plush” filling your dog’s bed actually contains.

When shopping, look for materials that aren’t going to clump up, so that you won’t be required to fluff it every other day.

Machine washable dog bed

Ease of cleaning can also be effected by texture and materials used.

A dog bed that’s hard to clean will quickly accumulate shed fur and other grunge.

Avoid “velvety” textures on the exterior, or anything resembling flocking, and try to stick to lighter fabrics and stuffing that isn’t equivalent to a bunch of cotton balls.


Finally, cost can seem like a simple enough thing to keep an eye on while shopping. But there are methods that are a little less obvious than simply comparing prices of one dog bed to another.

There are inventive ways to save money when it comes to making your dog’s sleep life more comfortable.

One way to cut down on price is refraining from literally buying into the idea that a dog bed has to be marketed as and labeled as specifically a “dog bed”.

Try going to a home improvement store, furniture store, or even a basic department store. (My dog’s favorite rug came from the clearance rack at Lowe’s.)

For smaller dogs, a cushion meant for dining room chairs could be your dog’s new favorite snooze zone.

Or for larger dogs, maybe a combination of furniture cushions and other padding will make a good sleeping place, without having to shell out full price for a dog bed that has been specifically designed for big breeds.

Creativity is a good way to both spare your wallet and ensure comfortable and safe materials are used.

Dogs don’t care if their beds are fashionable or branded for them. This can make it fairly simple to construct a bed suitable for a doggy king without breaking the bank.

Chew-proof puppy bed

No bed is indestructible. There is no such thing as a chew proof dog bed for puppies.

My German Shepherd destroyed more than 5 dog beds before he was one year old.

The problem: I left the bed and the dog in the kennel unsupervised. My GSD did not know that it was wrong to bite and chew the bed apart.

Once I was able to educate him that tearing the bed apart was the wrong behavior, the bed stays in the kennel and has not been chewed.

Find the best easy to clean machine washable dog bed on Amazon.

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