Best Scope for 270: On target reviews

best scope for 270 winchester rifle
Janice Marie Foote via flickr. Used under a CC BY 2.0 license.

Reader question: I’m a new hunter and have a Winchester .270. What are the best scopes for 270 rifles?

Before we answer the question, let’s learn a little bit about the Winchester .270.

The .270 is often called the “fast and flat shooter” because of its flat trajectory. It is ideal for hunting in the open fields, and fires fast and precise at ranges of up to 600 yards.

The faster it goes, however, the harder it kicks. Recoil, too, is a function of the bullets you use and the gun itself, so you can’t blame recoil solely to the caliber.

Nevertheless, it would be to your advantage to pick a scope that can handle a fair amount of recoil, and has a generous eye relief to protect your eye.

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The caliber has an effective range of 600 yards, so your scope may as well measure up in terms of magnification. A 3-9x magnification normally serves the purpose.

Since the .270 is ideal for open field shooting, it may not require so much light gathering power; hence, a 50mm objective lens may not be all that necessary. A large objective lens requires a higher mount, and we don’t want that in a rifle. A higher MOA internal adjustment is also an advantage.

Bushnell Elite Multi-X Reticle Riflescope 4-16×50

The best part of a hunt most often takes place in light-starved situations, and the Bushnell Elite Riflescope should be there to provide you with superior low-light performance even in soaked, overcast, or the harshest weather.

It has fully multi-coated optics that provide an intense 95% crisp and brighter light transmission than ever before.

Plus, its lenses are treated with the patented Rainguard HD for precision and long-range shooting in any weather.

The Elite’s one-piece matte finish tube is designed for durability and reliability, which has been recoil tested with 10,000 of 375 high, 100% waterproof argon purged and shockproof.

Its glass-etched reticle has ¼ MOA or finer fingertip, audible and resettable windage and elevation adjustments.
This mighty strong scope with fantastic features and excellent performance.

Leupold VX-I Riflescope

This VX-I riflescope by Leupold speaks for affordability, just as it provides quality features and performance.

The eye relief comes up quick and its standard multi-coated lens system delivers exceptional optical clarity and contrast – fundamental characteristics which are highly indispensable for dawn-to-dusk big game hunting.

It offers a micro-friction windage and elevation adjustments in ¼-MOA increments, an actual magnification of 1.0, with a sturdy 12.4-inch long matte black tube for durability and reliability.

It is guaranteed to last a lifetime and you get to own a high performance scope your hunting buddies will surely envy.

Nikon Buckmasters 3-9×40 Riflescope

The Nikon Buckmasters 3-9×40 Riflescope is an astonishing collaboration between two of the world’s renowned industrial giants – Nikon, an optics firm, and Buckmaster, a sporting organization.

The collaboration has given the scope industries a run for their money by churning out a riflescope line with first-rate optics.

The Nikon Buckmasters scope has integrated an innovative Brightvue Anti-Reflective system of multi-coated lenses that provides 95% anti-reflection capability to deliver exceptional light transmission and optical precision necessary for low-light conditions.

The scope is designed for versatility, toughness, and durability to endure the harshest conditions with shock-proof, fog-proof, and water-proof construction.

It integrates a unique and powerful bullet drop compensating (BDC) reticle equipped with a trajectory-compensating system mainly designed and calibrated to deliver quick and easy aiming points for different shot distances.

The product includes a Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.

What is the best scope for a 270 Win?

Let’s list what we’re comparing here:

Bushnell has magnification of 4-16x, objective lens of 50mm, field of view of 26ft-7ft at 100 yards, eye relief of 15.6in-3.6in, exit pupil of 12.5mm-3.125mm, and adjustable range of 50in at 100 yards.

Leupold has a magnification of 3-9x, objective lens of 50mm, FOV of 33ft-13.1ft at 100 yards, eye relief of 4.2in-3.7in, exit pupil of 16.67mm-5.56mm, and elevation and windage adjustment range of 59 MOA.

Nikon has a magnification of 3-9x, objective lens of 40mm, FOV of 35.7ft-11.9ft at 100 yards, eye relief of 3.6in, exit pupil of 13.3mm-4.4mm, and maximum adjustment of 80 MOA.

All three scopes stand on even ground in nearly all basic specifications and remarkable features; they’re all built and designed for durability, high performance, and accuracy.

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