Best Rugs for Dogs: Where’s Your Pooch Sleeping?

best rugs for dogs
One comfy puppy sleeping on a pet friendly rug. Photo by jqpubliq via flickr. Used under a CC BY 2.0 license.

The best rugs for dogs are soft, comfortable and inviting for your puppy or adult dog.

What good is a pet friendly area rug for your dog if the puppy won’t lay on it? That was the struggle I had.

My German Shepherd dog likes laying on the floor because it is cool. I found a rug material he liked.

It took a little trial and error to find a dog proof rug. To make life easy, I have listed a few good area rugs for dogs found on Amazon. Here are a few great contenders below:

RUGGABLE Washable Stain Resistant Indoor/Outdoor, Kids, Pets, and Dog Friendly Accent Rug, 3'x5', Moroccan Trellis Teal
  • Machine washable 2-piece rug system - a decorative and machine washable rug cover combines with a cushioned non-slip rug pad to create ruggable's stylish and durable Area rugs. Toss the cover in the washer/dryer and voilà, your RUGGABLE is ready to use again! RUGGABLE rugs stay looking clean and fresh, all while protecting your floors.
  • Pet and kid friendly - whether Junior spills his juice or fido's fur has you in a Frenzy, ruggable's machine washable, water repellent, and stain resistant design can handle the daily wear and tear of a bustling household. The non-slip pad provides cushioning, thickness and security, keeping your RUGGABLE firmly in place under toddler feet and puppy Paws.
  • Saves time and money - no more wasting time and money on professional rug cleaning services; with RUGGABLE, clean-up is easy, convenient, and affordable. Instead of spending time cleaning or renting specialty equipment, you can enjoy relaxing in the comfort of your home.
  • and sustainable - with ruggable's patented system, wash and reuse your rug cover whenever you need, avoiding the waste and cost of frequently replacing rugs. The rug cover is 100% and sustainable polyester, and the rug pad is made from 100% polyester surface from recycled plastic bottles with TPR (thermoplastic resin) non-slip backing.
  • Versatile - RUGGABLE rugs are available in a variety of colors and patterns to suit any home decor style. Their pleasing and practical design is perfect for any room in your home: The entryway, mud room, living room, dining room, bathroom, rec room, kid's room, nursery, and all types of flooring. These are indoor/outdoor rugs, so you can even use them outside your front door or out on the patio.

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MAYSHINE 3 Feet Diameter Round Non-Slip Dog Bed Mats Chenille Soft Microfiber Living Room Bedroom Area Rug - Green
  • DESIGN 🙂 Large 34 inch Diameter Round; This mat brings a selection of gentle colors into your room, no matter in your living room, bedroom ,ect. It has unique fiber-locking technique and neatly wrapped sides, not easy to get hair loss or off line; You can say goodbye to horrible fibre-dropping and hug sweet daily life.
  • COMFORT 🙂 Especially soft microfibres massage your feet. 6mm foam inside relieves pressure and fatigue on your feet. Every time you step on this mat, you can enjoy superior comfort.
  • ANTI-SLIP 🙂 Non-slip bottom is made of high quality PVC material. This anti-skid backing has practically slip resistance on the floor surface, that it won¡¯t slip or slide to keep you more safe and cozy.
  • ABSORB 🙂 The chenille area rug can absorb water quickly, its strong water-absorbent ability(7 times of cotton) because of plenty of microfiber shags can keep your room floors dry and clean.
  • CLEAN 🙂 Suitably be washed in more than ¡ï6kg-machine¡ï. Easy to clean, it has been dealed with special washing technique. Therefore, hand washed or fully machine washed is fine. After 10 times machine wash test, the bath mat is still as good as new. No worry that it could get fibers come away, really easy to handle and care.

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Liora Manne FTPSummerDog Woof Indoor Outdoor Area Rug, 2'6" x 4'
  • NOVELTY FRONTPORCH RUGS: This fun and whimsical Front Porch rug collection has playful novelty designs in a blend of comfort, softness, and durability. From coastal and nautical designs to camping and playful dog rugs, these Front Porch mats enhance charming decor.
  • COMFORT & DURABILITY: Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, these unique rugs are made with a polyester acrylic blend that is hand hooked of weather resistant fiber and are UV stabilized for fade resistance. Use a rug pad underneath to help reduce slipping.
  • FOR HIGH TRAFFIC AREAS: This doormat is perfect in high traffic and spill-prone areas including family rooms, bathrooms, foyers, entryways, patios, decks, and porches. This durable mat is resistant to stains, spills, moisture, weather, and color fading.
  • QUICK & EASY TO CLEAN: Simply vacuum regularly and sponge spots to clean. Limiting exposure to rain, moisture, and direct sun will prolongs mat life. Do not use beater brush. If long ends appear, do not pull, easily use scissors to trim the sprouted section.
  • FUNCTION & DESIGN: Carefully designed, colored, and styled by designer Liora Manne for art and function in your home. The Liora Manne collection is a leader in both design and construction and have full lines of Casual, Lifestyle and Traditional imported rugs.

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5 tips For buying rugs for dog owners

Choose dog-friendly rug colors

For most homes with dogs, darker colors in a neutral shade like brown, tan or dark gray may make for the best color rug to hide dirt.

These are most likely to match your home’s overall décor and will hide stains well. Every dog owner knows that accidents happen occasionally.

Make sure you don’t have to trash your carpet after one small accident leaves a lasting stain.

Opt for patterns

When it comes to purchasing a rug that you know your dog may have the inevitable accident on, patterns are your new best friend. Patterns, especially complex ones, make it much easier for stains to blend in more seamlessly — unless you buy a pet stain resistant area rug.

Even if you scrub your rug for hours after your pup has an accident, it will likely never be as spotless as it once was.

Patterns also help to hide the dirt that may come from your dog’s paws or simple paw prints.

If you aren’t keen on patterns, you can also choose a rug that has a basic color-combination or varying shades of a similar color.

When considering patterns, remember that rugs with stripes are particularly prone to showing stains just as much as a one-color rug will.

Easy to clean area rugs

Before even considering buying a rug, review the rug’s cleaning directions very carefully.

Many modern rugs are actually able to be washed in a standard washing machine on a heavy load.

Make sure to verify exactly what the rug should be cleaned with, ideally ensuring that your basic household carpet cleaner or pet-specific carpet cleaner will work well to remove stains.

The last thing you want is to alter the color of your rug by using standard cleaners.

Best rug material for dogs

Modern rugs are made from a huge variety of materials and fibers.

Choose one that is either completely woven or has a tight weave, keeping your pup from being tempted to scratch or chew at the fibers.

Also, stay away from rugs that have fringe on the end. These are not pet proof rugs.

When considering rug piles, keep the cut pile low. High-pile rugs tend to trap loose pet hair and can cause issues for people with allergies or lower the overall quality of your home’s air.

Opt for cut piles over loop piles. Loop piles encourage scratching and dogs with longer claws can get their claws stuck.

Consider more than accidents when choosing a pet friendly area rug

When choosing a dog-friendly rug, many people only consider the inevitable accident and how to best choose a rug that will cleverly hide a stain or two.

However, you don’t want to forget about the everyday wear that a rug purchased specifically with your dog in mind will undergo.

One of the main things to consider is shedding. Even if your dog isn’t prone to excessive shedding, remember that the majority of dog species shed somewhat during seasonal changes and after a lot of exercise or a bath.

Choose a rug that incorporates the above recommendations but also matches your dog’s natural fur color considerably well.

For example, many people opt for a rug that is dark in color to hide the after-stain of an accident or two.

If you have a white dog that sheds a lot such as a Siberian husky, you will likely want to select a lighter-colored rug that incorporates dog-friendly fibers and possibly a complex pattern that will hide daily shedding and seasonal coat-blowing but still hide any urine stains.

Don’t forget to frequently vacuum your dog to prevent fur buildup.

Find the best rugs for dogs in 2022 on Amazon.

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