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Best Grave Digging Equipment: What equipment do I need to dig cemetery plot?

Best Grave Digging Equipment
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Question: I am thinking about starting a cemetery plot digging business. I see an opportunity as a professional grave-digger in my area instead of being a heavy equipment operator. What is the best grave digging equipment? I need to move small amounts of dirt for funeral graves. I am looking for gravedigging tools to make funerals easier to handle.

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Usable cemetery equipment includes medium duty machines like mini-excavators, compact cranes, backhoe loaders, shovels, and pull-behind dump containers.

There is also specialty equipment like the BOKI grave digger and the SEMCO grave digging machine, among other automatic grave digging machines.

What equipment do I need to dig a grave?

1. Mini excavator

A mini excavator is a small piece of equipment used to help move small amounts of dirt in large quantities.

A mini excavator for digging plots can be very costly, but it will allow you to dig into soil and sand in a much more labor-efficient manner while working in the cemetery.

For funeral plot professionals, a small dirt moving excavator is a must-have if you want to start a grave-digging business. It is the most potent excavator out of all the other types, and there are two major types:

a) Rigid style

It is the most common excavator. It is a small tool that moves material such as soil, sand, and rock. It has a four-stroke engine that pulls a chain saw style cutter. It can cut up to 15 inches of stone in just one pass.

b) Flexible style

This mini excavator has a boom that allows one to get into very tight spots. It has a hydraulic pivot allows it to twist, thus making it easier to dig in tight spaces. The problem with this style is that it is more complicated when digging with a rock because the chain saw style cutters do not work as efficiently when penetrating rock.

This should help with the question: how do you dig a grave with a mini excavators?

2. Compact cranes

A compact crane is also essential equipment that you can use to get the job done. Cranes are essential to any grave-digging business because they are used to lift objects such as caskets and cairns. Portable cranes can also be beneficial when it comes to moving bodies. A compact crane is made to let people carry up to two-hundred pounds with relative ease and in a small space.

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3. Drivable dump containers

A drivable dump container is an essential piece of equipment that you can use to get rid of dirt and rubble. This machine is easily transportable. It can also be challenging when digging because the loader will not pull you into tight spaces. It will make it harder to carry out the work quickly and efficiently. However, the good thing about a drivable dump container is that it has wheels, thus making it easier to move around during payment times at the site where you will dig a grave.

4. Backhoe loaders

A backhoe loader is similar to an excavator, except it only has an attached digging bucket rather than having a chain saw style cutter on its arm. It is designed to lift things out of the ground with ease. These tools are usually used for clearing holes, such as ones that are dug to bury coffins.

5. Shovel

A shovel is one of the most common tools for grave-digging operations because it can help you quickly move loose dirt and sand. There are a variety of shovels available on the market today, so take some time to find one that fits your needs as a business owner, depending on what type of soil you’ll be working in most often.

BOKI Grave Digger

SEMCO Grave digging machine

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