Best Focus ST Exhaust: Time to Upgrade to Aftermarket Mufflers!

best exhaust for focus st
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Question: The Ford Focus ST is a fun car with a turbo and manual gearbox transmission. Who makes the best exhaust for Focus St cars? Let’s explore Focus ST exhaust options.


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The AWE touring edition cat back exhaust offers a great sounding, loud, deep tone. It sounds amazing, with frequent gurgles and pops.

The touring version is tuned so there is no drone. The lack of interior drone makes all the difference on 30 minute commute to work.


Borla 140504 Cat-Back Exhaust System for Ford Focus ST
  • Product type :AUTO PART
  • Package dimensions :114.3 cm L x26.67 cm W x78.74 cm H
  • country of origin :China
  • package weight :41.0lbs

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Borla makes a full exhaust for Focus St cars. Borla claims no drone with their kits.

At idle, the muffler is sounds deep and rumbles. At wide open throttle, it offers a clean, aggressive tone.

Ford Racing / Mountune cat-back exhaust for Focus ST

It is tough to go wrong with a high performance catback exhaust direct from Ford because the muffler and pipe set can be purchased directly from Ford Racing.

It features 2.5 inch stainless steel pipe and a mandrel bends, which are tuned to eliminate cabin drone.

The 2.5 inch size may limit flow if you are doing other high performance engine upgrades.

This is a great option if you want a Ford branded product and want a quiet exhaust option.



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The MBRP catback exhaust offers 3 inch muffler and pipe system and offers an excellent bolt-on exhaust system, which sounds good.

This muffler system has a great tone at idle and at wide open throttle.

For the price, this ranks as a great sound to price ratio.


2012-2018 Focus 3" Cat Back Exhaust System ROUSH 421610
  • Fits all 2012-2017 Focus models; Fits 2018 Focus ST
  • High-flow 3" cat-back system made from 409 stainless steel
  • Dual, round 304 chrome tips with rolled edge and Roush logo
  • Includes performance-flow muffler; Uses the same factory mount locations
  • Includes all necessary clamps and hardware for installation

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Roush makes a high-flow 409 stainless steel cat back system that uses factory mount locations.

This muffler is loud but obnoxious and has a nice growl but has a bit of drone at highway speeds.

Why add the best Focus ST exhaust?

Cat-back exhaust systems provide several advantages, including higher power and torque, better fuel efficiency, and a more aggressive sound. Better exhaust flow can be achieved over mandrel curves with a cat back exhaust since it uses an intermediary tube on a Ford Focus ST.

Cat-back exhaust systems are able to provide superior performance because the mandrel-bent tubing and larger diameter pipes improve exhaust flow.

Cat-back exhaust systems typically result in enhanced performance due to higher efficiency exhaust flow from improved parts like as larger-diameter tubing and improved-flowing silencers, as well as improved sound and weight reduction.

Cat-back exhaust systems and less restrictive catalytic converters work together to increase performance and horsepower.

Focus ST aftermarket exhaust

One of the most popular Ford Focus ST aftermarket exhaust improvements, cat-back exhaust systems, keep your catalytic converters in tact while boosting performance by swapping out the factory exhaust accessories.

Compared to single exhaust systems, dual exhaust systems can produce louder, more aggressive growls and boost engine power through more airflow.

The cat-back system has the advantage of containing all the components required to replace the old exhaust, including the exhaust pipe, muffler, and exhaust tip.

Axle-back exhausts may simply switch the stock systems’ muffler and exhaust tips because replacing the back-end components is expensive.

Ford Performance exhaust tips

Many people who use a cat-back system on their Focus RS MK3 often choose to add additional exhaust tips, which could make the system even noisier.

In comparison to standard exhaust, a cat-back muffler with free-flow is often constructed using longer pipes and higher-quality steel.

What comprises a performance cat-back exhaust setup?

The exhaust system typically consists of three major components: a down-pipe or header in the front that connects directly to the engine or turbo, a mid-pipe, and a cat-back.

A good exhaust system will include bends that are angled and mandrel-shaped, which allows the exhaust to exit the back with the least amount of pressure.

Your engine will run better and use less gasoline because it won’t have to work as hard to push the exhaust out of the car.

With a correctly tuned system, you may also reduce the amount of energy used by your exhaust to overcome squeezing issues, improving efficiency and fuel economy.

What mods should I do to my Focus ST?

Upgrades include a blowoff valve, lowering kit, cold air intake, intake manifold spacer, tuner, short shifter adapter, and a cat back exhaust.

Find the best exhaust for Focus ST MK3s on Amazon.