What are the Best Bore Sights?

best bore sight
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The best bore sights will make sure that the bore of your gun and the optical sight are aligned. Always keep in mind that bore sighting does not sight in your gun.

It will only provide the reference point so you could get down to sighting in your gun, and save valuable time and ammunition costs by avoiding extensive live-fire tests in the range.

Generally, the procedure is employed to pre-align the sights and make zeroing in much easier and faster. To achieve, this you need a one of the best boresighters or collimators.

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Several methods are used in bore sighting, from the old ways to the state-of-the-art and most convenient methods, such as using the best laser bore sighter.

Okeba 0.22 to 0.50 Caliber Cartridge Red Laser Boresighter Collimator

The Okeba 0.22 to 0.50 Caliber Cartridge Red Laser Boresighter Collimator includes a laser bore, screwdriver, installation stick, 2 AG13 batteries, 4 adjustable bore adapters and, of course, a user Manual.

This Red Laser bore sighter comes with a button switch, and fits pretty well with various types of guns including the 0.22 – 0.50 caliber rifles, handguns, riflescopes and sights.

The red laser dot works excellent in bright or low-light conditions, with a visual range of up to 300 yards.

It provides for fast and accurate sighting in of scope or sight, and more convenient than scope and sight alignment.

For accurate bore sighting, do it at a 25-yard range for both handguns and rifles.

This product should get you started for the big competitions.

Sightmark 6.8 Remington SPC Boresighter

The Sightmark 6.8 Remington SPC Boresighter is an amazingly designed laser bore sighter. But how well does it work?

For starters this bore sighter features the most expedient and precise method for sighting in 6.8 Remington rifles.

You need only to chamber the bore sight like an ordinary bullet and a laser dot will indicate exactly where the rifle is aiming at with nary a shot required.

With this bullet-shaped bore sighter, the whole procedure is executed really fast. Zeroing your gun entails practically no expense on ammunition. Also, the red laser dot comes strong and reliable anytime and in any weather.

Included in the package is a carrying pouch to protect the bore sight and laser from rough handling.

Leupold Zero Point Boresighter 59012

The Leupold Zero Point Boresighter 59012 comes with a unique lens aperture system that entirely reduces point of aim errors caused by parallax due to severe misalignment.

Likewise, it provides natural backlighting of the target, with LED lights for light-starved surroundings, and an inch scale to measure projected rifle height and target group sizes so you can set new ranges.

The Leupold Zero Point not only functions as an accurate bore sighter to get you ‘on the paper’ faster, so to say, but also to zero in your gun by following precisely the instructions written in the manual.

This wonderfully built and nice-looking compact device comes in a sturdy case and works also well with any caliber firearm, generates over 25 hours of battery life and includes range cards to record sight-in data.

Update: Unfortunately, Amazon no longer carries this unit, and you’ll have to look into the used market for it.

What is the best boresighter in 2023?

The lineup we have here includes three bore sighters, each one using a different mechanism for bore sighting.

The Okeba Collimator is a very functional tool in its category. However, the more modern bore sighting methods, such as laser and magnetic bore sights, may get the upper hand in terms of ease of use.

The Sightmark is caliber-specific, though; so if you have several calibers, you’d need other good bore sights.

Sightmark has a universal version, and you may consider that, too. It sells around the same price range.
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