How much does a scooter cost?

how much does a scooter cost
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Question: How much does a scooter cost?

Although scooters vary in price, I list MSRP prices for 7 brands.

Brands include Aprilia, BMW, Honda, Piaggio, Suzuki, Vespa, Yamaha.

All costs are in United States dollars, are 2016 model years (except where noted), and will have other fees at the time of purchase*.



Aprilia offers SR Motard 50, which has a MSRP of $2,099. It features an air-cooled 4-stroke 49cc engine.


BMW offers the C 650 Sport and C 650 GT. BMW scooters feature 647cc engines.

The C650 Sport has a starting MSRP of $10,095. The C 650 GT has a starting MSRP of $10,595. Both tout top speeds of over 100 miles per hour and 51 miles per gallon.


Honda has five scooter offerings. They are the Silver Wing ABS, Forza, PCX150, Ruckus, and Metropolitan.

Honda’s Silver Wing is 582cc twin engine, with ABS. The starting price is $9,270 and is the 2013 model. It is rated for 46 mpg.

The Forza features a 279cc engine and has a starting price of $5,599; MPG is not listed on the Honda website.

The PCX150 features a 150cc engine, with a starting price of $3,499. It is rated at 100 MPG.

The Ruckus has a 49cc engine, a minimalist look, and is rated at 114 MPG. Its starting price is $2,649.

The Metropolitan starts at $2,399. It has a 49cc engine, which gets up to 117 MPG.


Piaggio has 6 scooter offerings — one of which is 3-wheeled. Models include the Typhoon 50, Fly 50 4V, Typhoon 125, Fly 150 3V, BV 350 ABS, and MP3 500 Sport ABS.

The Typhoon 50 gets up to 144 MPG with its 49cc engine, according to Piaggio. The starting MSRP is $1,999.

The Fly 50 4V, which has a 49.9cc engine, starts at $2,299. It gets up to 39 MPH and has a rated 104 MPG.

The Typhoon 125 boasts a 124cc engine, which has a max speed of 60 MPH and notes up to 90 MPG. Its starting cost is $2,899.

The Fly 150 3V has a 150cc engine, which has a max speed of 61 MPH and touts up to 104 MPG. The Fly 150 3V starts at $2,999.

The BV 350 ABS is a 330cc scooter, which has a max speed of 86 MPH and gets between 65-70 mpg. Its starting price is $6,199.

The MP3 500 Sport ABS has two wheels in the front and one in the rear. It has a 492.7cc engine, which tops out at 89 MPH and gets up to 55 MPH. Its starting MSRP price is $8,999.


Suzuki offers the Burgman 650 ABS, Burgman 650 ABS Executive, Burgman 400 ABS, and the Burgman 200 ABS. I did not see MPG or MPH listings on the Suzuki website.

The 650 ABS features a 638cc engine, with a $10,999 base MSRP in 2015. The 650 ABS Executive features a 638cc engine, with a $10,999 base MSRP in 2016.

The 400 ABS is a 400cc scooter, which starts at $7,999. The 200 ABS is a 200cc scooter, which starts at $4,999.


Vespa offers 6 models, including the Primavera, Sprint, GTS, LXV, GTV, and 946. They offer 15 variations within the models.

The 49cc Primavera 50 has a max speed of 40 MPH, gets 90 MPG, and has a starting price of $3,649. The Primavera 50 Settanesimo version starts at $3,949.

The 155cc Primavera 150 has a max speed of 59 MPH, gets 117 MPG, and has a starting price of $4,999. The Primavera 150 Settanesimo version starts at $5,299. The Primavera 150 Touring version starts at $5,399.

The 49 cc Sprint 50 touts 90 MPG, a 40 MPH top speed, and has a MSRP of $3,749. The Sprint 150 ABS, which has price of $5,299, gets 117 MPG and tops out at 59 MPH. The Sprint S 150 ABS starts at $5,399.

The GTS 300 begins at $6,699. It has a 70 MPG range and a top speed of 80 MPH. The GTS 300 Super starts at $6,799. The GTS 300 Super Sport MSRP is $6,899, and the GTS 300 Settanesimo model does not list a price on the U.S. Vespa site.

The LXV 150 IE’s MSRP is $4,999. Its 150 cc engine can produce a 59 MPH top speed and get 75 MPG.

The GTV 300 ABS is a 278cc engine, which produces a top speed of 80 MPH and gets 70 MPG. Its MSRP is $7,499.

The 946 features a 155cc engine, which touts a 57 mph top speed and 117 MPG. It’s MSRP is $10,999.


Yamaha offers the TMAX, Majesty, Smax, Zuma 125, Zuma 50F, Zuma 50FX, and Vino Classic.

The TMAX starts at $10,490. It features a 530cc engine, which as an estimate 46 MPG.

The Majesty, which gets an estimated 50 MPG, starts at $6,850 for the 2014 model year.

The 155cc Smax has a starting price of $3690, with an estimated 81 MPG.

The Zuma 125 is a 125cc scooter. It touts an estimated 103 miles per gallon and a starting price of $3,390.

The Zuma 50 and Zuma 50FX have an estimated 132 mpg range out of their 49cc engines. Both starting prices are $2,590.

The Vino Classic has a starting cost of $2,290 and an estimated 127 MPG.


All data — including, but not limited to, MPH, MPG, and MSRP — come from the U.S. version of manufacturer websites.

This is not a comprehensive list of scooters or models for manufacturers. Different countries may have different models. There may be more brands; see Wikipedia for a larger list of scooter brands.

Why buy a scooter rather than a motorcycle?

I struggled with this question while creating this article. I am more of a motorcycle guy, but I can understand why scooters would have appeal.


Some people like the look of scooters and like the MPG they get. It is hard to argue with a machine that can get such good gas mileage.

Hands down, a low cc scooter can get far better gas mileage than a motorcycle.


After looking at MSRP for scooters, some of these are really inexpensive. A new motorcycle may cost 1000s more.

Maintenance costs may be another issue. For instance, motorcycle tires can be expensive; scooter tires cost a little less. There may be no chain maintenance, which means no getting messy lubing them.

No clutch

Although I like a clutch, I understand how commuters and those just starting out on two wheels may not want a clutch. It adds complexity and an additional skill to learn when riding. That said, companies like Honda are offering multiple automatic shifting motorcycles in their lineup.


With my motorcycle, I have to add racks and bags to get any meaningful storage capacity.

Many scooters have a nice storage bin under the seat but can also accommodate a top box, as well.

The platform where your feet go is another place for storage.

Easy on and easy off

Motorcycles need to be mounted or a leg thrown over the bike to get on it. With a scooter, that is not the case — just step through it on the platform.

I hope this provides some insight into the question: How much does a scooter cost?