Best German Shepherd Vest for the Money: Dog Harness Reviews

german shepherd tactical vest
Photo: Nosy Nation

My dog needed a military style dog harness for hiking. I set out on a mission: Find the best German Shepherd vest for the money. I did have requirements for this tactical dog vest, including MOLLE webbing for adding storage and a handle.

Find the best German Shepherd tactical vest on the market in 2019.

OneTigris Tactical Dog Training Vest Harness with Mesh Padding and Two Handles

onetigris tactical dog vest reviewThe OneTigris dog harness has MOLLE webbing, two handles, and two leash attachment points.

There are three buckles — two go around the dog’s abdomen and one around the chest to keep the harness on the animal. The contact points have not rubbed or chafed my dog.

This German Shepherd vest fit my pooch well. It was long enough to cover his back, and the straps had enough length to fit around his abdomen.

The MOLLE webbing is fantastic for adding patches and bags. I use two detachable bags, which connect to this military style dog harness via MOLLE webbing, high on the shoulders.

I like my German Shepherd dog carrying his own supplies in his tactical vest.

I put a collapsible water dish, poop bags, and a few first aid supplies in one bag. The other bag has my dog’s water.

Although this is a tactical dog harness with handles, I have only used the handles a handful of times. But, the handles have held up well for my use.

Looks: Your dog will look like a BOSS in this vest.

Guide to buying a German Shepherd tactical vest

The word “tactical” is described as a carefully planned movement that allows one to gain control of the situation. For a good tactical dog vest, this could mean a few different things.

What value does a combat dog harness provide?

These vests are specifically designed to help the owner and dog in a variety of settings. Below are a few of the advantages that owners have with this aid.

• Protection: these vests cover a wider region of the dog, protecting them from thorns and prickles that can be present when in the outdoor elements.

• Control: with a harmful situation such as an oncoming attacker or tricky slope, using the handles to control one’s dog is beneficial.

• Utility: tactical dog vests have MOLLE webbing, which allows bags to be attached to the harness to hold small belongings.

Which dogs tend to use tactical vests?

With the word “tactical” in the title, it’s only natural for one to think that these military grade dog harnesses are used in serious jobs.

Canines of different occupations rely on these products for their safety.

• Service dogs: tactical vests are great for holding medical items or providing their handicapped owners with a handle to feel secure.

• K-9 Officers: dogs involved with search and rescue, police work and similar jobs depend on these vests for an added sense of protection and padding.

• Hunting companions: one benefit to using a vest such as this is the ability to camouflage one’s dog, making them preferred for hunters.

• Regular old Fido: any dog on the street can find a dog harness useful as they help defend a dog’s skin against pokey plants. They also have been used to add a small amount of weight for a walk with purpose.

Features of a good military-style dog harness

For a better fit and higher-quality tactical vest, it is important to consider a number of different factors that go into the product itself.

Below are a few of the most important features to contemplate before buying just any dog vest.

• Materials: a typically well-made tactical dog vest is made up of Nylon under the category of Cordura 1000D. Pay close attention to the stitching, fabric and foaming that may be present.

• Fit: in order to be comfortable, a dog must have the correct size depending on its weight. Some tactical vests have adjustable straps for customization. Carefully measuring the size of a dog is imperative.

• Durability: depending on where a dog will be using this vest, it is best to find a product that is both lightweight and long-lasting for a high-quality vest.

• Weight: Vests should not weigh the user down, meaning that one’s dog should be able to carry a tactical vest of the right size with lightweight materials

• Handle: though not generally the first thought an owner has, a tactical dog harness with a handle is beneficial in controlling one’s dog. Be sure to check the quality of the handle itself as they should not break easily.

• Additional Features: Tactical vests are named for their multiple uses. They generally include extra storage and attachments such as MOLLE webbing that allows a dog to carry its own supplies.

Find the best German Shepherd vest on the market in 2019.