What is the best parts washer solvent for the money? (ANSWERED)

best parts washer solvent for the money
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What is the best parts washer solvent on the market? It is a common question because a parts cleaner is a staple in many auto shops, where oil, grime, grease, and gunk are the norm.

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There are many different cleaning and degreasing solvents to choose from as well as environmentally-conscious options, including non-toxic biodegradable water-based cleaners for heated aqueous washer sinks.

But, there are 4 points about buying a good shop degreaser: Effectiveness, price, availability, and safety. Consider these points when making a purchase of parts sink solvent.

Effectiveness: If the product does not work, it is a waste of money.
Price: If the price is high, the solvent is not cost effective.
Availability: If you want to buy solvent from Tractor Supply but the closest supply store is 100 miles away, what value is that?
Safety: How safe is the product to use?

Also, it is important to note that your sinks user manual should list the best degreaser for your parts washer to and scrub engine parts in. This will determine if the solvent or solution is safe for you parts washing tub. The last thing you want is a ruined tub, fire, or chemical hazard.

Oil Eater cleaner and degreaser

oil eater parts cleaner and degreaser
Oil Eater cleaner and degreaser
is a water-based cleaner and degreaser, which does not use petroleum-based products. It is made from eco-friendly components.

Because it is a concentrate, water must be added.

According to the Oil Eater website, the product can be used in tank style parts washers but does not specify if it is compatible with plastic, metal, or both.

Oil Eater gets good reviews on Amazon.

Mineral spirits solvent

mineral spirits for parts washer solvent
Mineral spirits,
which is a flammable, clear liquid distilled from petroleum, is a popular solvent for parts washers with a metal tub.

Mineral spirits won’t harm an aluminum tub, nor will freeze in an unheated garage.

Although care should be taken with all products, mineral spirits requires much more care with its use and disposal.

Greased Lightning

greased lightning cleaner and degreaser
Greased Lighting
is a cleaner and degreaser, which can be used in the household and shop as well.

According to the Greased Lightning website, their product will clean engines, tools, grills — along with pre-treating ink, blood, grass, and make-up stains.

Water based, Greased Lightning will etch aluminum tubs, based on research I’ve done.

What to consider when buying parts washer solvent

The United States EPA launched a project with the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences as well as the Automotive Recyclers Association to determine the best parts washer solvent methods and practices for cleaning.

For example, cleaning with the solvent in a two-step method can reduce the amount of product that is used in the cleaning process and reduce the impact on the environment. Cleaning only when necessary can also not only reduce the environmental impact of the solution but also help reduce costs by limiting the amount of product that must be purchased. Other environmentally-conscious options to consider include citrus-based products and solvents made with recyclable materials. Storing your parts washer solvent carefully and in accordance with U.S. EPA recommended guidelines can also limit the environmental impact of the solution.

The best parts washer solvent for your particular device should be listed in the manual for your particular parts washing tub. Consulting this manual can help answers some of the initial questions you have about using a good parts washer solvent.

Using the wrong solvent can be a fire or chemical risk so it is essential to be mindful of these hazards.

When buying a parts washer solvent product, it is also important to be mindful of residue. Choosing a solvent product that does not leave much residue can result in a much better clean and shine.

Flash-point is also an important factor to be mindful of when choosing a parts washer solvent.

A raised flash-point level means that during manufacturing and production, increased awareness was made in consideration to how flammable the solvent was. Higher flash-point levels often mean that a solvent is less likely to catch on fire and is typically a safer option when compared to other solvent options.

It is important to practice proper safety procedures around any solvent no matter which parts washer solvent you choose to purchase.

Making sure you choosing to dispose of your solvent correctly can also help to make sure you reduce the costs of purchasing a solvent. For example, a solvent parts washer solution spill the shop can be hazardous and lead to other environmental concerns.

By making sure you choose the best parts washer solvent for your needs, you can be sure to reduce long-term costs and prevent any potential costs associated with an accident.

It is important to take care of the equipment used in an auto shop in order to make sure it stays able to work at its best. Keeping a clean area free of grease and oil can be made possible was a parts washer solvent, but it is important to choose the solvent carefully.

Be aware of the environmental impact of the product, its price, flash-point, and cleaning abilities to choose a good cleaning solution for your needs.

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