Best Airsoft MP5 buyers guide

Best Airsoft MP5
A real Heckler & Koch MP5. Image courtesy Andre Gustavo Stumpf via flickr. Used under a CC BY 2.0 license.

The real MP5 (machine pistol model 5) is actually a 9mm submachine gun developed by engineers from a thriving German small-arms maker, Heckler & Koch, sometime in the ‘60s.

With more advanced weapons technology, several gun companies have ventured into making faithful replicas of MP5s in the form of airsoft or paintball guns, to the delight of many gun enthusiasts.

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Here’s a guide to buying the best airsoft MP5 rifles on the market and why they’re a must-have in the field.

Types of airsoft guns

Airsoft guns vary in types and designs with near-perfect or scale replicas of every conceivable firearm, from revolvers to pistols, from shotguns to sniper rifles, from high-powered AK-47s to M-14s to MP5s.

But the choice is yours to decide which airsoft gun best fits your personal preference and requirement.

Electric-powered – regarded as the most powerful among the three types and also known as automatic electric guns (AEG), these semi- or fully-automatic guns are power-driven by rechargeable batteries.

An electric motor turns the metal or plastic gearbox on, which in turn drives the firing mechanism.

In semi-automatic mode, the weapon fires a pellet each time the trigger is pulled, sans need of cocking it between shots.

In comparison, a gun in fully-automatic mode releases rounds for as long as the trigger is squeezed.

Spring-powered – this type of airsoft gun needs to be cocked before each shot by pulling and releasing the spring, which then fills a chamber with compressed air. When you squeeze the trigger the air is released that forces the BB out.

Except for sniper rifles and shotguns, spring-operated airsoft guns are generally considered beginner weapons.

Gas-powered – this kind of gun uses compressed gas canisters (either CO2 or propane) kept in a gun reservoir. When you squeeze the trigger, a jet of gas forces the pellet out.

Used commonly in pistols than in rifles, it can be extremely powerful.

You can use any of the two features: a non-blow-back (NBB) gun type where the slide is fixed and you feel no recoil, and; the gas-blow-back (GBB) where the gas pushes the slide back to simulate realistic recoil of a real gun.

Gun qualities to consider

With the game’s growing popularity, there is definitely no lack of airsoft guns and supplies.

In fact, a tremendous variety of this equipment floods the market.

Be it online or in stores, airsoft manufacturers the world over battle for supremacy in delivering the most advanced and state-of-the-art airsoft rifles and handguns to a diverse group of clienteles – from beginner hobbyists to professionals and experts, alike.

The issue lies in deciding on the type of gun to obtain, and the presence of the following qualities – power, accuracy, and durability.


Among the three types of airsoft guns, automatic electric guns (AEGs), such as a sniper rifle, rank the most powerful.

A customized sniper rifle can shoot at well over 500 fps (feet-per-second), while an automatic electric pistol (AEP) can fire at around 250 to 400 fps.

An FPS rating signifies the speed at which a pellet leaves the gun. So, the higher the FPS rating, the more powerful the gun will be.


Next, you’ll want to consider the gun’s accuracy.

Automatic electrics can hit targets accurately at a range of 100 yards, while low-powered guns are effective at 75 yards.

If your budget allows, choose those powerful guns that can shoot targets at longer distances without compromising its shooting accuracy.


When it comes to finding durable airsoft guns, steer clear from cheap ones that can’t withstand the most rugged playing fields and harsh environments.

Remember airsoft games almost always require frequent jarring movements along with your weapon.

Look for the metal types, not plastics. The former are sturdier and lasts longer than the latter, which can break easily after hard use.

Verily, aesthetics alone does not make an airsoft gun great.

You’ll want a powerful gun that performs well according to whatever role you intend to play, especially in those team competitions.

Your role may require you to use an assault rifle for close-quarter combat, or a sniper rifle to pick adversaries from afar, or a sub-machine gun for sustained firing.

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